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12 Good Deeds of Christmas

As many of us prepare ourselves for the mania of the festive season of gift shopping, decorating and planning the Christmas lunch menu, it’s easy to forget that for some, the holiday period can be a difficult, particularly this year with the devastating bushfires. In addition, statistics show that more than 3 million people live below the poverty line across the country, including 740,000 children. While for the ageing population, as many as 50% of people over 75 live alone. We’ve compiled 12 good deeds of Christmas to find ways to give to those in needs. Even doing one will make your Christmas Merrier.
💰 Make a donation to the bushfire disaster appeal. The Salvation Army has launched an appeal to support communities affected by the devastating bushfires.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas
🧸 Donate a new toy or book to The Smith Family. This year they aim to deliver 75,000 toys and 50,000 new books to little Aussies in need around the country.
🚚 Give away unused items, such as clothes, bedding and homewares. The Salvation Army helps people who need it most and will even pick up furniture donations for free.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas day 4
🐾 Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter. The RSPCA has a list of items their furry residents require while they’re awaiting adoption.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas day 5
🐶 Rescue a fur-baby. Rather than asking Santa for a puppy or kitty cat, adopt a sweet soul from a shelter who’s looking for someone to love.
🥣 Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Services run all across the country, such as Food Bank. Click to find out about opportunities in your area.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas day 7
🔴 Give blood. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has more than 100 permanent donor centres around the country. Book online and pop in over your lunch break.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas 8th day
🥧 Perform a random act of kindness by baking a pie for an elderly neighbour, or help a stressed mum load her groceries into the car at the supermarket.
👋 Extend an invitation to a neighbour or friend that you suspect may be alone for the holidays to pop in for a Christmas Eve eggnog.
👵 Visit a nursing home and spend time with some senior citizens. Nursing homes rely on volunteers to interact with their residents and play bingo.
12 Good Deeds of Christmas 11th day
🚯 Clean up the beach with a litter picker and the kids. Or register a clean-up event through Clean Up Australia and get your friends and local community involved.
💌 Spread positive vibes. Put sticky notes with positive messages in public places or spread some good vibes through social media.
🎄 Merry Christmas!

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