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Feng Shui Room Refresh to Elevate the Energy


7 steps to a heavenly home

As much as we all love our homes, when we spend too much time in them — as so many of us did over 2021 — our spaces can start to feel stagnant. Clutter mounts, dust-bunnies move in and before you know it, every room feels strangely ‘heavy’. It’s not your imagination — it’s the chi. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of strategically arranging your surroundings to create balance through energy (aka ‘chi’) by flushing out the bad feels and attracting the good vibes. We’ve got seven simple steps for elevating the energy and sprucing up your spaces with a feng shui room refresh.

Step 1: Make space

Never underestimate the power of a ruthless declutter. Adapt the KonMari approach of going through all of your belongings — room by room — to decide if they ‘spark joy’. If not, throw them away or donate them to charity. Items hold energy, so by releasing those that you don’t like or need, it clears the path for fresh new energy to come into your life. Keep only what’s essential and makes you happy.

Feng Shui Room Refresh

Step 2: Bust the dust

Bad chi likes to linger in all the dark and dirty places that we don’t always get to in our weekly housecleaning. For your feng shui room refresh, put a strategy in place to tackle all those spots — like the windowsills, the cutlery drawers and the dust-bunnies breeding under the furniture. You can find a printable spring clean checklist below. You’ll be amazed how re-energised your home will feel immediately just from a deep clean.

Step 3: Smarten your storage

Once you’ve cleared the clutter and cleaned, it’s time to reorganise your storage. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so pace yourself by focusing on one task at a time, such as the pantry or your wardrobe. Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful sources of visual inspiration for finding clever new storage solutions, from colour-coding to canisters. Hayley Little of @mumlittleloves has mastered the art of organisation with our Armand Library Shelving Unit and @our.mountain.life has created pantry perfection!



Step 4: Evict the bad vibes

Sea salt has long been used in feng shui to clear stagnant energy. Pour some into small bowls and place them around your house (out of the reach of kids and pets) in areas that feel ‘heavy’. Leave them for a few days to suck up the bad energy, then throw the salt way and discard immediately in your wheelie bin. If the ancient salt method isn’t your thing, you could put out some scented candles or oil diffusers to make those stagnant corners feel fresh.

Feng Shui Room Refresh with the Theo desk

Step 5: Zhoosh your workspace

If you’ve been working from home — like so many this year — your workspace is an important area to address in your room refresh, as it can feel heavy and sometimes even charged with negative or stressed energy. In addition to cleaning and re-sorting this zone, add some plants, scented candles, your favourite photos, a beautiful framed print and soft rug to make your workspace inviting and somewhere you want to spend time each day.

Step 6: Create a cosy nook

Carve out a little corner of the house that can be just for you… such as a cosy armchair or cushioned bench beneath a window. In the mania of daily life — work, kids, cleaning and cooking — it can be difficult to snatch a moment for yourself, but it’s important to your emotional health that you get time to recharge. Make sure you have a little side table to pop your chai (or wine!) and a table lamp so you can read or flick through a magazine.

Feng Shui Room Refresh with the Annabelle

Step 7: Strategise some self-care

The best way to keep your spaces feeling fresh and energised is with continuous self-care. Allow a little time each day to go for a walk in nature, meditate or do some yoga before your day begins. Fill your clutter-free spaces with scented candles, essential oils and calming music. Have soft lighting options to help create a relaxing ambience. Most importantly, give yourself permission to take some mindful moments throughout the day.

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KonMari — cleaning method
Spring clean checklist — printable

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