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Handmade Christmas Ornaments From India


Dazzling decorations

Looking for a new theme for your Christmas styling? Our dazzling new range of handmade Christmas ornaments from India will bring an exotic flavour to your celebrations. Crafted from velvet, satin and felt, the plush tree ornaments are embellished with intricately sewn beads and sequins with a golden thread hoop, which can be hung directly on the tree. Not only are these ornaments unique, they also help support the global community and keep traditional crafts alive.

Handmade Christmas Decorations From India decorations

(Images courtesy of @housenerd)

Crafted in Delhi

The creator of these adorable ornaments, Varsha Jariwala, is a textile designer by profession. She explored a range of entrepreneurial ideas from glass etching to batik before deciding to create Christmas decorations, which she says offers the scope of creativity she sought. Exporting to the global market, she has now been operating for almost 20 years. Based Delhi, India — a city long-recognised for its textile production — Varsha employs a team of local craftspeople who specialise in zari (traditional gold threading), beading, tassels, sequins and embroidery for this meticulous process.

Handmade by artisans

Each decoration is first hand-drawn onto tracing paper then transferred onto the fabric with indigo extract. Next, depending on the individual designs, the pieces of fabric are sewn together, and the sequins and beads are stitched into place. The time this takes depends upon the intricacy of the specific design. Finally, the embroidered fabric is sewn to its backing, filled with stuffing and trimmed with zari thread. From the felt star to the Frida Kahlo, these dazzling decorations offer a playful alternative to the traditional bauble. They also bring a global vibe to your celebrations.

(Images courtesy of @housenerd)

Welded handicrafts

In addition to our handmade Christmas ornaments, our 2019 collection includes an assortment of hand-welded metal tabletop and hanging decorations. We’ve got pines trees with whimsical branches, chiming bells and a 63.5cm mirror adorned with angel wings. Ideal for both indoor and covered outdoor spaces, this rustic range veers from traditional ornaments with perfect pieces for the mantelpiece and porch with a chic edge.

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Are you getting Christmas ready?

Browse all of our Christmas decorations online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. Our friendly team is always there to lend a hand with styling advice and practical information. And check out our tips on creating a resort-style outdoor entertaining area to get ready for Christmas entertaining.

(Pictured above with the Marson table and Deck Tub chairs)


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