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How Do You Furnish an Entryway?


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Here at Early Settler, we love hearing from you. You’ve asked a number of interior design questions and Donna Gilligan, our National Visual Merchandising Manager, has shared her expertise on these tricky dilemmas below. From weirdly shaped rooms to pairing sofas and chairs, Donna’s got some savvy styling solutions for getting your home looking its best. Here she explains how to furnish and entryway.

Make an entrance

“What furniture do you put in the walkway by the front door?” — @vlenka20

What you use in your walkway depends on your needs, space and style. If you’re looking for something that is largely decorative, consider a console table, buffet or sideboard. Not only will it make a statement, it will also provide additional storage and/or handy surface space for a key bowl, mail basket and so forth.

If you’re looking for a more practical solution with ample room to tuck away school bags and work boots, opt for some cube storage or a bookshelf and allocate a cube or shelf per household member. It’s a great way to keep kids organised. Bench seats are also practical for family living. There’s somewhere to sit when you tie your laces and you can tuck boots underneath or slide in a basket or two for shoes and bric-a-brac.

Finally, make a beautiful statement with a framed print, wall art or mirror hung directly over the table or shelving unit at eye level. Personalise the space with a potted plant, flower vase, family photos or pretty ceramics and roll out a skinny rug (runner) to tie it all together and make your entry warm and inviting.

furnish an entryway

Problem solved?

We’ve got great solutions for styling your home and outdoor entertaining area in-store and online. And get tips on creating the tropical villa vibe at home to beat the winter blues.

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