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How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Home


Those little extras

Every single element in your home was meticulously picked out at the planning and construction stage — from the windows frames and flooring right down to the handles and hinges. It’s all the little finishes and close attention to detail that can mean the difference between perfectly sufficient spaces and those that are teeming with ‘wow factor’. Whether you’re building, renovating or simply giving your knobs and knockers a stylish update, we’ve got helpful tips on how to choose the right hardware for your home.

How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Home - kitchen tap


The most obvious goal in hardware selection (yet often skimmed over!) is that it should perfectly serve the purpose you need it for. For instance, a lever door handle may be easier to operate than a doorknob for some. And does your toilet door need a simple latch or a lock that can be released from the outside in case your toddler locks herself in? You may love the look of angled pull handles in the kitchen, but does your hip love slamming into them every time you brush past with a hot cuppa? Start by looking past the aesthetics to absolute practicality first and foremost.

How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Home - doorknobs


From drawer pulls to doorstops, hardware comes in an enormous range of options and styles. The key to creating a cohesive look is to ensure your hardware is compatible with the existing fixtures and finishes. While you may adore the contemporary look of matte-black window latches, you don’t want to update one room only if the rest of the house is fitted with traditional brass. Either work within your existing theme or update everything to match your style — whether classic or contemporary.

How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Home - taps


Part of the fun in selecting hardware is that it comes in a choice of colours and finishes. Polished nickel has a silvery tone and glamorous appeal and looks great against timber. Brushed brass boasts warm copper tones that are elegant and sophisticated. Whether satin or gloss, chrome is a go-to choice in many homes and timeless. Matte black is chic, contemporary and makes a striking statement. Ultimately go with the look you love, but keep your style cohesive and/or complementary throughout your home.


Beautiful hardware is like the jewellery of your home. There are no hard-and-fast rules to follow when picking out the shape of your hardware, whether curved or square. Again, consider the style you’re trying to create. If you like the modern look and have a lot of angled edges in your home, more angular hardware will match. If you’re creating more of a heritage look, rounded hardware has a more traditional aesthetic.

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