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Match Your Pet Bed With Your Decor


Coordinated looks for pet-loving homes

Who says spoiling your furbaby means compromising on your own personal style? Our glamorous pet bed range features a selection of luscious looks to complement every room in your house. We’ve got 5 ideas for you to match your pet bed with your decor.

Lounging with Luna

Begone dowdy doggy doughnuts that don’t match your décor. Just like cushions, ottomans and artwork, a pretty pet bed can add a pop of colour to your lounge… while also accommodating your furry friend.

Match Your Pet Bed With Your Decor with the Quinn Velvet pet bed
Match Your Pet Bed With Your Decor with the Lisette

Snoozing with Stella

There’s no such thing as too many soft furnishings in your bedroom. Add an extra layer of luxe with a super soft snuggly ‘cocoon’ for your kitty cat so they can sleep just as comfortably as you do.

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Dining with Dexter

Whether your style is classic, coastal or vintage luxe, there’s no need to compromise on dining room décor when it comes to accommodating your pets… your furry companions can be elegantly accessorised in velvet or wicker.

Working with Wags

As many of us transitioned into the work-from-home lifestyle in recent times, our cuddly colleagues have been right there beside us… it’s the perfect excuse to update and coordinate your home office for both you and your fluffy co-workers.

Playtime with princess

Keep your kitty comfy (and safe from plastic tiaras and feather boas!) in a pretty pink puddy palace for the playroom. With a handy carry handle, you can move it from room to room with ease so your feline friend can always come along.

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