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The Revival of Modern Maximalism


Ban bland

With so much attention on the white-walled minimalism of the Scandi movement and KonMari method of simplifying your home, maximalism was just a matter of time. A ‘more is more’ interior design style, the trend is all about rebelling against the quiet palettes of minimalism. Using bold colours, mixed patterns and eclectic decorating that utilise spaces excessively, the idea is to create a visual feast. We’ve got some modern maximalism design ideas that ban bland and let your inner rebel run wild.

Modern Maximalism’s Bold Revival


Taking inspiration from European grandeur with plush fabrics, gems, pearls, reimagined artwork classics and all things opulent, the style may sound kitschy and cluttered. It is, in fact, actually about carefully curating clashing colours, patterns and textures. The Hollywood recency era, for instance, was very much a maximalist trend. Bright colours, metallic glints, glass and mirrors were among the defining elements that captured the essence of the Golden Age of the movie industry.

Modern Maximalism’s Bold Revival with the Regent


The movement was further fuelled by the hippy culture of the 1970s, which consciously rejected the conservative. Maximalist is all about expressing creative identity, which can come from pairing vintage pieces with miscellaneous bric-à-brac and objects made and found. It’s a celebration of colour, mood and life. In creating a maximalist interior, you should steer clear of hoarding and creating chaotic spaces. Despite initial perception, the style should be very artfully organised with interesting pieces, each of which tells its own story. Try pairing carefully selected picks from a second-hand store with a few opulent accessories or luxe statement pieces.


It probably goes against everything you’ve ever learnt about interior design to throw a seeming miscellany of furniture finds together, so take it slow. Select a bold statement piece and take cues from the design or colour scheme to start to build up a story that can spread throughout the room.

Modern Maximalism's Bold Revival


Restrictive rules don’t apply in the maximalist trend. It’s okay to pair floral wallpaper or a beloved armchair with some more contemporary pieces. Couple some animal-print cushions with a statement chandelier and gilded mirror in living areas. Soften spaces and corners with lots of lush indoor plants. Pile up a flamboyant mix of pillows, blankets and curtains in bedrooms. You could also complement your modern maximalism with some beachy boho ideas, which also embrace the eclectic design principle.

Get inspired

For more inspiration for your modern maximalist home, browse our range online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. And check out the Hectic Eclectic‘s dreamy maximalist style.


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