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Rustic Luxe Interior Design Style


Classic farmhouse meets cosmopolitan cool

A clever coupling of glamorous modern features with raw elements is at the heart of the rustic luxe interior design aesthetic. Picture a country farmhouse with rough-hewn timbers and stone interspersed with the rich velvets, modern art and industrial lighting of a cosmopolitan apartment. Whether your home is an inner-city loft, beachside cottage, newbuild or suburban family residence, this skilfully curated fusion of styles invites a soothing sense of calm and laidback sophistication that’s both welcoming and ageless.

“Our limited-edition Rustic Luxe collection is all about earthy colours and natural textures. Pair rattan with rich warm velvet cushions and throw in warm hues to create a space that’s comforting and contemporary.” — Mamta Johal, Early Settler homewares buyer

1 Natural & earthy palette

A muted backdrop of browns, taupes and layered creams offers an instant ambience of serenity. Infused with an earthy colour palette of saffron, forest green or ochre, the look subconsciously invites nature indoors.

Rustic Luxe Interior Design Style - earthy palette

2 Rustic timbers

Natural wood and reclaimed timbers are a key element of the rustic luxe style as the distressed look is all about creating a timeworn appearance. From exposed ceiling beams to timber flooring, a large farmhouse dining table to natural timber picture frames, wooden elements are the cornerstones of the barn-chic aesthetic.

3 Metal & stone

Create anchoring and elegance with natural stone and concrete to counterbalance the earthiness of the timber with. For example, a faux-concrete dining table or marble side table. Add metallic accents to create depth, glamour and a touch of drama. Mirrors also heighten the luxury and help to amplify the light.

4 Rattan & wicker

The relaxed look of rattan, bamboo and other wicker weaves embraces the country style. Hanging baskets with cascading indoor plants or a wicker basket with some rolled-up throw blankets beside the sofa provide a soft juxtaposition to metal, stone and concrete, balancing yin and yang. After all, the goal is to liternally pair luxurious elements with rustic pieces.

Rustic luxe - rattan

5 Glamorous furniture

Whether you prefer the sleek lines of a contemporary sofa or the classic rolled arms and turned legs of a French-inspired suite, rustic luxe is all about the contrast between country and contemporary. For instance, a timber table paired with velvet dining chairs or a casual sofa upholstered in sumptuous terracotta-toned fabric.

6 Plush rugs & furs

Rugs, cushions and throws in a variety of textures work to soften spaces, balancing the masculine and feminine. Add comfort and warmth with plenty of cushions on the couch and beds and plush woollen or faux-fur rugs underfoot.

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7 Statement lighting

Chandeliers, pendants and table lamps are a wonderful way to add layers of luxury to a room (as well as ample lighting!). Go classic with a statement crystal chandelier or contemporary with an industrial pendant. Or both for an eclectic elegance to carry you from room to room.

8 Eclectic styling

Add your own character and personality with eclectic décor, such as family heirlooms, treasures from your travels, op-shop finds, quirky ceramics, interesting pot plants and scented candles.

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