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Troppo for Indoor Plants


It’s a jungle in here

Open Instagram or any home magazine and it’s clear to see that the interior design world’s gone troppo for indoor plants. Widely known to purify the air, calm the senses and elevate mood, plants not only make us feel good, they also add life, colour and beauty to interior spaces.

Yet, unless you’re blessed with a green thumb, trying to create a luscious indoor-plant paradise can be more like a journey into the heart of darkness. Held hostage to their ever-changing demands, for the black thumbs among us, it’s disheartening to watch our expensive monsteras and birds of paradise shrivel up and die — no matter how tenderly they’re misted with the spray bottle.

Fear not. If you lack the knack for regulating watering levels and sunshine thresholds, you can still achieve the lush, leafy look indoors with high-quality faux plants.

How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Space

Friendly faux

A once-tacky home accessory akin to plastic sofa covers and carpeted toilet seats, faux plants have come a long way in quality and popularity in recent years. But quality is key. Don’t seek out el cheapo alternatives. Faux plants are an investment in your décor — much like a lamp, rug or side table — and will last for many years, if not forever. The beauty of artificial plants is that no matter how much you neglect them, faux is your friend!

Perfectly imperfect

When making your selections, look for the smaller details that offer a more genuine aesthetic, such as imperfect leaves and detail in the trunk, stem and soil. There’s nothing authentic about ‘perfect’ plants of exact symmetry with identical leaves. Not every plant looks fantastic in the faux version. Among those that do work particularly well are the bird of paradise, monstera, banana leaf, fiddle leaf, palms and pretty much any form of succulent.

The natural look

Think about the spaces you want to fill, such as lining a buffet with a jungle of ferns or cascading ivy from ceiling hooks — or both. Variety is key in creating an illusion of nature.

Pick a combination of plants in different sizes, such as a large one for the centre of your display with smaller plants positioned around it. Place them at different levels, like some on a side table, some of the floor and some hanging from a hook.

You could also pepper your faux plants with the genuine article to get the health benefits yet with only moderate upkeep. To maintain the illusion, position your plants in places where real plants could grow, such as basking in a little bit of sunshine near a window.

Pot of gold

A pretty pot will parade your plants while also offering another opportunity to showcase your personal style. The relaxed look of beachy, boho or Hamptons-style home can be further accented with a basket or hanging macramé plant holder. Terrazzo and metallic plant stands create elegant anchors in your living spaces and can be updated to match your personal style over the years.

You can also integrate your personal style by adding some candles, oil diffusers, ornaments and picture frames in among your indoor jungle. A splash of colour helps to break up the shades of green to add depth and visual appeal and can also be achieved with a beautiful flower, like a banksia or protea.

Get the look

The perfect complement to the tropical ‘jungalicious’ trend, indoor plants work in both minimalist and maximalist homes. Just remember to give your luscious leaves and flowers a quick dusting every now and then. If you’re feeling inspired to go troppo with indoor plants, browse our huge range of faux plants and flowers, visit us in-store or online.

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    Very unique. Beautifulbgreens Relaxing..


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