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Awesome Things to Do This Weekend

We’re all going bananas at home. The kids are bouncing off the walls… the dog’s doing zoomies on the staircase… and grandma’s swinging from the chandelier. Just because you’re stuck in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t find some awesome things to do this weekend. You can take a little trip around the world from the safety of your sofa. Best of all, you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas — they’re all online.

1 Get zen

Get your zen on with a guided meditation. There are thousands to choose from online, from Deep Calm to Deepak Chopra. Select from mindfulness, daily calm, living carefree and so much more. Women’s Health has a list of the best meditation apps for 2020. Or go to YouTube access hundreds for free. Deepak Chopra (and many more) has a specific coronavirus post.

2 Lap the Louvre

Yes, it’s in Paris… and closed due to COVID-19, but the Louvre Museum site has spectacular Online Tours. Meandering the halls of the Egyptian Antiquities or The Advent of the Artist — and more. The Louvre is not the only one. Take a virtual tour of London’s British Museum, New York’s Guggenheim Museum or Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, among many.

3 Learn to cook like a chef

While there’s countless cooking tutorials online, have you even thought about taking a masterclass with a world-class chef, such as Gordon Ramsay or Massimo Bottura? Find out more here. Or let your tastebuds take a trip around the world by learning to cook some authentic Indian meals, Thai green curry or Italian — all for free on YouTube

4 Find out who you really are

Do a personality test to find out who you really are. You might discover some interesting things or even discover an aptitude for a whole new career path. If you do decide to swing from real estate agent to novelist, this could be the perfect time to hone your skills and kickstart a new life.

5 Make a TikTok with the kids

Here’s one the whole family will love. In fact, the kids are probably the ones to show you how it’s done. Make a funny video with the family or prank dad and upload it to TikTok. Of course, permission from all those shown is essential. Need some ideas? Here’s what’s trending.

Awesome things to do this weekend corona

6 Drinks with friends

Before you go drinking all your quarantine wine solo, set up a live video chat session with your friends online. There’s Facetime for iPhones and iPads, Skype for any device and Zoom — just to name a few — and they’re free and super easy to download and use. It’s always better to drink with friends. You could even turn on the disco lights in the lounge room and make a party of it!

7 Netflix and chill

End your evening with a good old classic movie on Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Google Play — you name it, there’s no end to movie access on digital TV. According to Whistle Out, here’s a list of the best comedies on Netflix Australia at the moment: Easy A, Zombieland, I’m Not An Easy Man, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Doug Stanhope: Beerhall Putsch and Between Two Ferns: The Movie. We all need a good laugh.

Most importantly…

Take care of yourself, take it easy… and stay home.

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