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Virtual Adventures for Curious Kids

The sun is shining… the birds are chirping. Yet we’re all stuck inside. This is usually the time of year many of us take trips to the zoo, picnic at the beach, visit the grandparents… maybe even pack up the tents and go camping on a tranquil river with a few friends. But as we all adjust to this ‘new normal’, we need to find creative getaway alternatives. We’ve got a list of virtual adventures for curious kids to keep them busy and inspired during isolation… and stop parents from going insane.
Virtual Adventures for Curious Kids San Diego zoo


Visit the San Diego Zoo

Did you know that the San Diego Zoo in California is ranked as one of the best zoos in the entire world? They have more than 3,500 animals, 650 species and an incredible endangered species breeding program. The zoo is, of course, closed. But the San Diego Zoo Kids site is ablaze with activities, videos, stories, games, fun facts and live webcams! You can even see the animals sleeping at night time.


Take a virtual field trip

The Nature Conservancy site is set to inspire with an entire planet of adventures. Take a deep dive beneath the ocean into the amazing underwater cities of Palau or listen to the symphony of the rainforest in Borneo. You can search by your child’s school year level too — older kids may be interested watching the video explaining climate change, while younger kids might like to learn about planting trees.


Walk on Mars

Jump on board NASA’s Curiosity rover to explore the surface of the Red Planet in a 360-degree view, while also learning about all things Martian. Did you know it took 253 days for the Curiosity Lander to get to Mars? It arrived in 2012 with the primary mission of finding out if Mars was suitable for life. Maybe after exploring Mars, the family could watch The Martian with Matt Damon (rated PG-13).


Go island hopping

You can explore the underwater world of coral landscapes with this amazing virtual experience. You can check out the sea lions of the Galapagos, the Molokini Crater of Hawaii, Shark Bay and more, all from the perspective of a diver. Ever wanted to see a shipwreck up close? You’ll have to click into Aruba. You’ll be singing, ‘Under the sea! Under the sea!’ like Sebastian the crab.


The Great Wall of China

The most famous attraction in all of China can be accessed with the click of a button. The Great Wall of China is over 2,000 years old and more than 21,000 kilometres long! But don’t worry, you can check it out from the comfort of the sofa. Best of all, you don’t even need a passport to take a tour of this impressive wall, which some claim can be seen from outer space. Can you see it from your living room?


Get arty farty

The National Gallery of Australia is one of the largest art galleries in the country with more than 166,000 works. It may be located in Canberra, but thanks to their interactive website, you can watch videos and view great works of art online, such as the Ned Kelly Series by Sidney Nolan and works by Picasso. Zoom right in and see if you can copy the masters with your own paintbrush and canvas from home!


Skype your mates

Is there anything better than a good old belly laugh with your bestie? As we all adjust to this ‘new normal’ of living indoors, it’s important to stay connected with grandparents and other people we love. For those with iPhones or iPads, there’s FaceTime. For other products, there’s heaps of options, including Skye and Zoom. You can even do group chats — throw a quarantine pyjama party!

Want more?

We also got some awesome ways to take a trip around the world from the sofa. Perhaps it’s time to update and settle in?


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