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5 Steps for the Perfect Lazy Sunday


Hibernate at home

Turn off your iPhone, keep your PJs on and leave the laundry alone… we’re giving you permission to take a lazy Sunday and hibernate a home. We’ve got 5 steps for the perfect lazy Sunday from toast to roast.

Perfect Lazy Sunday sleep late


Sleep late

What self-respecting lazy Sunday doesn’t start with a snuggly sleep-in? This requires a little prep the night before: fresh sheets on the bed, pillows fluffed, curtains closed and all devices switched off. If you’re kid-free, stay in bed all day… hurray! If not, try to deflect them with cartoons for that extra hour of zzzzzzz’s.

Check out our top tips for a good night’s sleep.

Perfect Lazy Sunday with pancakes


A scrumptious brunch

Forget the carb counting for the day… calories don’t calculate on Sundays. One of life’s great joys is indulging in the foods we love — from eggs hollandaise to smashed avo on toast. Or get the kids involved in preparing a pancake breakfast. Add some fresh berries to the mix… better yet, some chocolate chips!

Check out Sarah Todd’s fluffy pikelets with jam and cream.

Perfect Lazy Sunday in reading nook


Curl up in your book nook

Now, if you can manage to get dressed… well done. But if you don’t, no judgement here! Sundays are for PJs, trackie dacks, ugg boots and messy buns. Curl up in your reading nook with a book, TikTok binge or stack of glossy magazines. Don’t forget a cup of chai (and perhaps a sneaky biccie or two!).

Check out our cosy book nook ideas and how to install your own electric fireplace.

Perfect Lazy Sunday with a roast lunch


Sunday-funday roast

As you edge into the arvo, throw a roast into the oven or some lamb shanks into the slow cooker. Get the whole family involved in the slicing, dicing and dancing around the kitchen island to The Big Chill soundtrack. Lazy Sundays are made for late-afternoon roast dinners with the family, in-laws or close friends.

Check out chef Laura Sharrad’s perfect pork roasts recipe.

Perfect Lazy Sunday movie night


Movie night!

Finally, cap off the perfect Sunday with a movie night on the sofa with family, flatmates or fur-babies. Start by creating maximum cosiness with a blanket nest and mountain of pillows, then lay out an assortment of snacks. The most stressful part of your lazy Sunday will be deciding between peanut M&Ms and popcorn (the answer is both, of course!).

Or take it outdoors with a DIY moonlight cinema.


Visit us in-store and online at Early Settler to find more ideas for perfect lazy Sunday home comforts. Want to take the fun outside? It’s the perfect time of year to get the fire pit blazing. We’ve got some handy tips for creating a safe and stylish fire pit zone… plus plenty s’more.


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