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Premium Rugs Made by Hand


A barefoot investment

Farewell frosty floorboards and ceramic tiles. As the weather cools down, soft furnishings can add instant warmth… and there’s none more effective than a plush rug. Our extensive range of premium rugs has been carefully selected, most of which were handmade by artisans in India with natural wool or soft wool blends.

Premium rugs made by hand - dyed


Handmade in India

An intricate and highly-skilled process, making a wool rugs starts with hand‑carding the fleece, which requires special brushes to separate and straighten the fibres in the wool to prepare it for spinning. Next, the fibre is hand-spun onto yarn spindles and sent off to the dying station where it’s coloured, washed and dried.

Premium Rugs Made by Hand - weaving


The wonders of weaving

A weaving graph is used so the artisans have a guide to follow when creating the pattern on each rug. The yarn is taken to special looms for the weaving process. There are a number of different ways to create rugs, including tufting, weaving, stitching, blocking and looming.

Premium rugs made by hand - each unique


Each unique

Created in India by highly‑skilled craftspeople using ancient rug-weaving techniques and traditional hand looms, every rug is a one‑off — no two are ever exactly the same.

Premium rugs made by hand -meticulour


Made meticulous

Once woven, the rugs are thoroughly washed once again, then dried and stretched on racks. From there, special sheers ‘carve’ the longer threads in the patterns to make the design flat or stand out as intended.

Premium rugs made by hand - rolled out in your home


Shipped to us

Beautifully designed, masterfully created and meticulously cleaned, the rugs are then tightly rolled, packaged and shipped to our warehouses, ready to be unrolled in your home.


Visit Early Settler in-store or online to check out more of our premium rugs made by hand, and don’t miss our story on bone inlay.


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