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View Your Sofa Virtually with Augmented Reality


See your sofa in your home via your smartphone

When investing in a new sofa, you want to get it right, yet it can be difficult to visualise exactly how it will look in your own space. Will it be too big for the study? Too small for the lounge room? One thing is certain, it will likely be a centrepiece in your home for years to come. That’s where MyStyle Select’s AR comes in! This game-changing technology allows you to view your sofa virtually in your own home via your smartphone, iPad or tablet to help you select the perfect size, style and colour for your home and lifestyle before you buy.

View Your Sofa Virtually with Augmented Reality - which style?

Augmented reality

The future is here! With augmented reality (AR), you can use your smart device to check out your sofa digitally in your own spaces, from every angle, up close and even move it around to try out different positions in the room.

But how?

It’s so easy! When browsing the sofa range on your computer, smartphone or tablet, keep your eyes peeled for the ‘View in your space’ icon. Once you see a style that takes your fancy, click the icon to open a QR code to scan with your smartphone’s or tablet’s camera. You’ll get easy step-by-step instructions from there!

View Your Sofa Virtually with Augmented Reality - QR steps

Virtual positioning in your room

When you’re ready to see the sofa in your own space, click ‘View in room’. Point your phone to the area of the room you want to view the sofa in to let the AR take in the area dimensions. Your sofa will then appear, virtually, in your own room via your device screen. 

View Your Sofa Virtually with Augmented Reality with your smartphone

True to scale

Move your virtual sofa around to find the perfect position for it in the room. Once you’re happy, you can even take a screenshot to run it by your bestie for a second opinion. 

See your sofa in place

Being able to view your sofa situated in your room before ordering gives you the opportunity to find the ideal style, size, layout, material and colour — as well as positioning within your home — so you can buy with confidence that your sofa will be absolutely perfect for your space. 

View Your Sofa Virtually with Augmented Reality in place

360-degree 3D viewing

Not into AR? No worries! We also have a 360º viewing option on the website. Click on the 360º icon to view your sofa a 3D digital version on your computer or smart device screen. You can swirl it around, check it out from every angle and even zoom in.

More in-store at Early Settler

Visit us online to start tailoring your dream sofa or in-store and if you’d like help customising your MyStyle Select sofa. Get tips here on choosing the right sofa for your space.


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