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How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Space


Get comfy at home

Buying a new sofa is a big investment, probably one of the biggest you’ll make in your home. Aside from the need for it to be supremely comfortable for all that Netflix-ing, magazine-flicking and coffee-drinking it will sustain over the years, it also needs to be good-looking. After all, it will form the centrepiece of the heart of your home. The snuggliest sofa in the world won’t cut the mustard if it looks like it came out of your grandpa’s garage. We specialise in both snuggle-factor and aesthetics. We’re all about creating stunning, quality sofas you can sink right into — whether a five-minute coffee break or a rom-com movie marathon with the gals. Our sofas are also built to last and endure the inevitable stresses of family life — the toddler tears, dad’s spilled beers and the dog sneaking up during thunderstorms. But before you get into a sofa-buying frenzy, we’ve got a few tips on how to choose the right sofa for your space.

How to choose the right sofa for your space with the Lazy

The Lazy

1 Style

Start by thinking about the style you want, taking into account the existing style of your current furniture and décor. Do you hanker for the Hamptons or prefer modern minimalism? Are you trying to create a chic retro retreat with mid-century glam or a soft sanctuary for the family room? A sofa with long legs will offer the illusion of space, whereas, sofas that sit low to the floor or have a skirt are a little more classic or country, and a modular design offers the versatility of being easy to move and reconfigure.

There are no hard and fast rules for picking the right style of sofa for your space — it’s really about what works for you. But you do want a certain amount of integration. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to a staff member, or you can plan your living room with a digital mood board at home so you can see what works and what doesn’t. One good rule of thumb is to keep it fairly neutral so it doesn’t date too quickly. It’s cheaper to snazz up your sofa with seasonal cushions than having to replace it every time you change up your décor.

How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Space with the Minimalist

The Minimalist

2 Size & configuration

The right size is essential when it comes to selecting a new sofa for your home — are you a single, couple or Octomom? Take your household size and entertaining needs into consideration.

Next, consider your room dimensions. You may be going gaga over a dreamy six-seater sectional on your screen, but before you click the ADD TO CART button, whip out the tape measure and carefully size up your space in real life. Jot down the exact dimensions that your lounge room or rumpus can accommodate, as well as the dimensions of the doorways or stairwells the sofa may need to travel through to arrive at its final destination. Take note of how much room you have to walk around the sofa and the height of nearby windows. Will you still be able to slide open the bifold doors once the new sofa is in place?

Consider, also, fitted chaises. An ottoman can be moved around as needs dictate, but a chaise is likely built-in. All these ‘boring’ details may seem tedious. But it’s a small pre-purchase price to pay to ensure you’ll have a sofa that fits in your home without being lowered in through the ceiling by a crane. On the flip side, selecting a sofa that’s too small for your room can make the space look like a doll’s house with everything in miniature. The good news is, we have a huge range, so it’s easy to find the right fit for your space.

How to choose the right sofa for your space with the Marsanne

The Marsanne

3 Fabric & colour

Sofas come in an enormous range of colours and materials, from grey cotton and peacock velvet to butter-soft vintage brown leather. Consider what will suit your space and scheme. Velvet has a decidedly luxe aesthetic, whereas cotton and linen are more relaxed and beachy. Leather is generally a little more expensive, but incredibly hardwearing in the long run; it’s sophisticated and ages beautifully with all the little marks and scratches becoming a part of its story.

Kids and pets are another factors to take into account. That crisp white linen sofa may be just the look you want for your coastal haven, but will it survive the Vegemite fingers of your three-year-old? Darker colours or easy-to-clean materials may be more practical for the years ahead. Some sofas also come with removable covers that can be dry-cleaned.

Working out your material and colour choice from the get-go will help tremendously in narrowing down your selection. You don’t want to purchase a rose pink Lisette (pictured below) to only later realise she’s way too pretty for the mancave. If you’ve got your heart set on cloud-like cream boucle, a sofa with removeable covers — such as the Lazy — may be your match made in heaven.

How to choose the right sofa for your space with the Lisette

The Lisette

Ready to select your sofa?

Visit Early Settler online or in-store to start selecting the right sofa for your space. Dreaming of the perfect sofa? MyStyle Select makes it easy to tailor your sofa in three easy steps. With 16 collections to choose from and over 370 combinations, you can select the style, configuration and fabric… and voilà! You have a tailormade sofa just for YOU. Learn how here!


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  1. Kimberley Headford 23rd March 2020

    Hi I have the Lisette sofa and chair (yes it’s a few years old) and could do with new seat inserts. Where could I get those from?

  2. georgietomichearlysettler 24th March 2020

    Hi Kimberely, email customerservice@earlysettler.com.au and they can place an order for you 🙂

  3. Amanda 25th March 2020

    I am checking out the Lisette right now. Want colour, I am looking for that beautiful French Provincial look, but with colour as I have milk painted all my dark furniture to distressed white and my floors are pale. Looking at the emerald. Just got to get that first then decide on a nice French Provincial wingback type chair that will match that colour. Loving the chandeliers you have too, so will be coming to get those too but will be in about a month, so hope it is still around.

  4. georgietomichearlysettler 30th March 2020

    Hi Amanda, the Lisette is my favourite. The emerald would look gorgeous with distressed white furnishings. Currently stores are still open. And we’re always open online. Good luck!


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