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Elegant & Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Timber


The Beauty of Recycled Timber

Salvaged from the frames of old buildings, bridges and wharves, recycled timber is exceptionally strong, eco-friendly and aesthetically striking. As timber gets tougher with age and reclaimed planks are up to 100 years old, this timber is far more robust than new lumber. Once retrieved, the planks are sanded back to remove the outer layer of weathering and then given a new life as furniture, complete with a fresh coat of rich oil or stain to bring out the natural honey hues.

Beautifully grained with knots, rings, nicks and imperfections that are unique to every single plank of wood, no two pieces of reclaimed timber furniture are ever exactly the same… each piece has its own story to tell. This is part of the appeal of timber furniture, and reclaimed timber furniture in particular. Best of all, choosing recycled timber furniture means that not a single tree was cut down in the process of making it, which reduces our carbon footprint on the planet.

Elegant & Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Timber

Kalise 4 Poster Queen Bed and Bedsides are made from eco-friendly recycled pine salvaged from the frames of old homes.

It’s eco-friendly

Trees suck up harmful carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, playing a crucial role on the planet and all life upon it. Yet our precious forests and jungles are dwindling due to deforestation. Selecting recycled timber furniture is an incredibly eco-friendly choice. No trees were cut down to create it and less waste timber from demolished buildings was unnecessarily thrown into landfill. In fact, Greenpeace states that recycled wood is the most environmentally-friendly form of timber production. As a bonus, it’s readily available in Australia and New Zealand as supplies of old wooden structures are plentiful.

Salvaged timber is super strong

Did you know that timber planks become stronger with age? Having expanded and contracted over many years in temperature fluctuations, been exposed to outside elements and fully dried out (in the best possible way), aged timber is much denser, stronger, more durable and far less likely to warp, split or bend. Choosing recycled timber isn’t just more eco-friendly, it’s also preferable.

Reclaimed timber has a history

Salvaged from the frames of old buildings and jetties, each piece of timber is recycled by trimming off the edges, pulling out the nails and re-treating to improve the quality and lifespan. Reconstructed into new designs by skilled furniture makers, the old beams are sanded back and stained, resulting in contemporary pieces with a history.

Reclaimed timber samples of wood

Each piece is unique

Using the full planks (as opposed to reconstituted wood that’s been chipped down), each piece of furniture is truly unique. Varied woodgrains, knots, rings and imperfections are distinct to every single item, meaning no two are ever alike. This is part of the true beauty of timber furniture, and reclaimed-timber furniture in particular.

Stylish selection

Sturdy, stylish, sustainable and suited to every interior from the country to the coast, we stock a range of reclaimed timber pieces, including the Kalise collection, Dawson collection, Belmont collection, Ellena dining table, Malpura TV unit and Reclaimed Teak Cross Leg Table, plus many sustainably-sourced timber pieces made from acacia and bamboo.

More in-store at Early Settler

Check out our recycled timber furniture in-store or online. And don’t miss our story on eco-friendly and upcycled interior design if you’re looking for more environmentally-friendly ideas.


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