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Q&A: All About Rugs


A snuggly investment…

Rugs add instant warmth and style to every room and a high-quality rug can look downright luxurious. It’s an investment for your home that will last for many years, yet selecting the right one can be daunting. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions all about rugs to help get you started. If have another query, comment below and we’ll get our style team on it.

What factors should I take into account when selecting a new rug?

When selecting your rug, consider the size and shape of the room. A thick wool rug is ideal for the lounge room or master bedroom, whereas something easy to clean will be better beneath the dining table. Round rugs look great in kids’ rooms and runners are sized for hallways, kitchens or beside single beds. Take careful measurements and note the existing décor and colour scheme so you can select a rug that is beautiful but also complements your interior. Check out how to select the right size rug for your space.

Q&A: All About Rugs - size

How do I decide on the right size rug for my room?

A rug should fit the size of your room and take up as large an area as possible within that space. Ideally, all the furniture will be on the rug, but front legs only is a good and common compromise — the idea is that when sitting on the sofa, your feet touch fabric, not the floor. But rugs can also be used as a soft centrepiece in the room. Under a dining table, you want to be able to pull the chairs back and still have them sit on the rug. We’ve got a visual guide to selecting the right rug for each room in your house here.

Q&A: All About Rugs - high traffic areas

What are the best rugs for high-traffic areas?

Wool is the best for busy areas in the home. It’s durable, stain-resistant and repels water, which allows for easy cleaning after inevitable spills.

Q&A: All About Rugs - material

What’s the best type of material for a rug?

Rugs come in an assortment of materials, including chenille, cotton, hemp, jute, polyester, viscose and wool. The bulk of our rugs are made from wool and handcrafted in India. We believe wool is a superior choice as it’s a natural fibre, strong, soft, lightweight and water-repellent. But each material has its own features. Check out the glossary of rug terms to find out more about each material.

Q&A: All About Rugs - handloomed

What’s the difference between woven, loomed and tufted?

Rugs are made in different ways and each of our loomed, woven and tufted rugs are crafted by hand. Check out the glossary of rug terms to find out more about each process.

What type of rug is best for homes with pets and kids?

No matter how you do the maths, home life is a little different with pets and kids. There will be more spills, more accidental messes, more wrestling and rolling about on the floor, more toys, more traffic. A great choice in rugs is a poly-wool blend. It’s super soft yet easy to clean. Patterned rugs are also a wise choice as they’re very forgiving of little messes that won’t come out.

Q&A: All About Rugs - shedding

Why is my rug shredding?

It’s very common for new rugs to shed for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the rug. Some people use a special brush to groom it, but simple, regular vacuuming will keep it under control. Any tufts that appear can be carefully trimmed back so they don’t snag. Wool rugs are less likely to shed heavily.

I unrolled my rug and it’s now curving up on the edges.

In most cases, your new rug will arrive rolled up. Once you roll it out, it’s normal for the edges to curve up a little. It may take a few days to flatten out.

How do I stop my rug from slipping?

A rug pad / gripper is an easy way to stop your rug from moving around in potentially slippery areas, such as over floorboards or tiles. They can also provide more cushioning under foot.

Can I use a rug over carpet?

Yes! Many people chose to add a centrepiece rug to a carpeted space. It adds additional warmth and softness under foot, as well as character and colour to the area. The rule of thumb is to create textural variation, so if your carpet is short pile, add a shag or textured rug. Also take into account the size of your room. Ideally, the entire sofa or front legs should sit on the rug. Use a rug pad to keep it in place and protect the carpet fibres from friction.

How do I layer rugs?

Layered rugs always seem to look amazing in magazines, yet can appear disorganised when you try it at home. That’s because there’s an art to it. You need to take into account size, shape, colour, texture and positioning, as well as a lot of trial and error until you get the look you’re after. Choose complementary colours or patterns, like a neutral rug layered over a jute rug, or a collection of patterned rugs in similar tones. Mix textures for creating contrast, such as a flat-weave over a plush rug, or a sheepskin-style rug over a classic wool rug. Play around with the angling of the rugs until you find the look you love.

Q&A: All About Rugs - vacuumed

Can my rug be vacuumed?

Yes and regular vacuuming will extend the life of your rug by preventing dirt build-up. For wool rugs, avoid vacuuming with a beater bar or heavy-duty suction. If possible, it’s a good idea to have high-end rugs professionally cleaned once a year.

How do I clean my rug?

For small spills, quickly blot away any excess liquid, then use a clean sponge or cloth with warm water to dab away the spill. For tougher stains, we recommend a carpet-cleaning spray or foam following the manufacturer’s instructions. For a full clean, we recommend you have your rugs professionally cleaned only.

How do I store my rug?

If you’re packing up your rug to move house or for a spring clean, give it a thorough going over with the vacuuming first. Roll up the rug with the pile on the inside (don’t fold or you could make creases). Wrap it in kraft paper (avoid plastic, as that can encourage mould, unless the rug has been professionally cleaned and sanitised beforehand). Store the rug off the floor and in a climate-controlled space.

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Visit us in-store and online to browse our rug collection — our friendly team know all about rugs and is always on hand to answer any questions to help you choose the right rug for your spaces.


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