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6 tips for decorating small spaces

We don’t all live in mansions, but that doesn’t mean our homes can’t be rich in comfort and class. Yet, as every downsizer, first-home buyer and flat-dweller knows, styling a small space can create a challenge. Don’t let your limited footprint limit your styling! Whether you’re decorating an awkward corner or setting up an entire studio apartment, we’ve got some great ideas and solutions for decorating small spaces so they can be enjoyed to the max, no matter the size.

1 Incorporate light, neutral colours

Create the illusion of space by choosing furniture and finishings with light, bright colour palettes. Dark shades tend to absorb the light and make a space feel more closed in, whereas lighter shades reflect the light, creating the feel of a large open space. Tones like off-white, pale blues, pale greens and pale pinks are a great option to make your space more airy, open and inviting.

Small Spaces, Big Potential 1

Incorporate light, neutral colours to make your space feel open and airy

2 Create multifunctional zones

Creating small zones within your space will help to break up your living areas while still maintaining a fluid overall feel. Make the most of these zones by creating a space that serves more than one purpose. A key factor in successfully executing these multifunctional areas is to choose quality pieces that lend themselves to versatility. For instance, a high-quality table can become a great desk for those working from home while still operating as a beautiful dining table.

Small Spaces, Big Potential 2

Create multifunctional zones that can unite living, working and dining in the one area

3 Use vertical space

When your footprint is limited, go up! Make the most of your wall space and use height to your advantage. The vertical space in your home is a great way to maximise the area for storage and showcase your decorative flair. As an added bonus, it can also make your space bigger. Look for pieces that are streamlined and minimal, such as backless and open shelving, to prevent closing in the space.

Small Spaces, Big Potential 3

Use vertical spaces for storage, character and to create the illusion of greater height

4 Small footprint, high-impact pieces

A small space doesn’t always mean you have to stay neutral with all your pieces. Bring warmth and character to your home with some well-selected colours and patterns. Selecting a few smaller items loaded with style is the key to bringing your space to life without making it feel overcrowded. A statement chair, striking artwork and unique décor are all great ways to incorporate a bolder style.

5 Functional furniture

Where possible, incorporate pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Be selective about the furniture that you choose and how it can work within your space to make it really earn its spot in your home! Pieces such as a floor lamp with a USB port or a bed with built-in storage are great examples of staple pieces that are highly functional.

Small Spaces, Big Potential 4

Use functional furniture that can serve more than one purpose

Small Spaces, Big Potential 5

Select a few small, high-impact pieces for depth and character

6 Embrace your small space

You don’t have to compromise on your personal style when decorating small spaces. Embrace the space you have. A small area doesn’t always mean flatpack furniture and foldaway tray tables; there are endless options to choose from that enable you to showcase your creativity and keep your home stylish. Whether that is through textures, colours or finishings, you can always achieve your desired look and feel, no matter the footprint.

Small Spaces, Big Potential 5

Double up your dressing table as a desk

Small Spaces, Big Potential 7

Embrace your small space to make it warm and inviting


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