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Crisp, clear nights make for magical moongazing, so flick on the fairy lights, invite a few friends around and get the fire pit blazing (don’t forget the bottle of red!). There’s something oh so mesmerising about watching the flicker of open flames. And with the addition of a few s’moring essentials and marshmallow roasting sticks, the scene is set for a night of fun for young and old. We’ve got some handy tips for creating a safe and stylish fire pit zone… plus plenty s’more 😉

Warm Up Winter With a Fire Pit - location of fire pit


In the Zone

When considering a fire pit for your backyard, the right space is essential. Your fire pit should be at least 3 metres from buildings, fences, clotheslines, overhanging trees and low-lying pergolas. It should be set on a dirt, gravel or a paved surface, so ensure you have a well-cleared space with no potential fire hazards and plenty of ventilation. Some councils have fire regulations, so check your local rules before you set up a fire pit.

Warm Up Winter With a Fire Pit - fire pit options


SIZE matters

Not all fire pits are created equal. While a large, raging fire may seem like the toastiest option, keep in mind that it will also require a larger space, more fuel and more precautionary measures. A fire pit measuring 50–70cm is a practical size and will cast a toasty 360-degree heat radius. Some fire pits, such as the Charlbury can also be angled (when cool, of course) to cast the heat specifically in the direction you choose.


SAFETY first

Always use caution when using your fire pit and never light any fire during a Total Fire Ban. Use tinder, kindling and dry firewood to fuel your fire (never burn treated pine). You should also never use accelerants, such as lighter fluid. Never leave children or pets unattended by the fire. Finally, always ensure there is a hose in easy reach in case of emergency and make sure the fire is completely extinguished before going to bed.

Warm Up Winter With a Fire Pit - fire pit seating



Unless you prefer the rustic charm of an old log bench, some comfy outdoor seating options are a fireside essential. Outdoor furniture comes in a huge selection of sizes and styles in weather-resistance materials, such as powder-coated metals and all-weather wicker. Choose something that invites you to sit back and chit-chat for hours (don’t forget a cushion and throw blanket!). 

Warm Up Winter With a Fire Pit - fire pit in mountains

Image courtesy of @our.mountain.life (and hero image above)



Here’s the foolproof way to get any fire pit blazing:

Step 1: Assemble your tinder (such as dry leaves) at the bottom of your fire pit.
Step 2
Construct a ‘teepee’ of kindling (sticks and twigs) over the tinder with some gaps for airflow.
Step 3
Add a few pieces of dry firewood on top.
Step 4
Use a lighter to ignite the tinder, which will get the whole fire blazing in minutes.

Warm Up Winter With a Fire Pit - s'mores



Say no more… you’ll need: plain biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate:

Step 1: Roast a marshmallow on a stick.
Step 2: Still on the stick, lay the roasted marshmallow on a biscuit and pop a piece of chocolate (or 3!) on top.
Step 3: Take another biscuit and press it into the hot marshmallow to pull the stick out. Enjoy!

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