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5 Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Fans



One of the most enjoyable things about the balmy months is relaxing beneath the pergola with a cool drink. Yet, as we all know, the temperatures can soar throughout summer, making us want to hide indoors with the curtains drawn and aircon cranked. But you don’t have to compromise your downtime on the deck (or let the power bill soar!) — outdoor ceiling fans are a great solution and come with a swag of benefits beyond keeping you cool. Here are the top 5 reasons you need an outdoor ceiling fan.

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Energy savings

Ceiling fans are very energy-efficient to run. According to Canstar Blue (2021), it costs between 0.1c and 1.5c per hour to operate a ceiling fan, depending on the size of your fan and the speed you’re operating it at. This is considerably less than running an air-conditioner (up to 0.90c an hour), so if you’re thinking of escaping the heat indoors with the AC unit, think again! You’re better off beneath a fan on the deck.

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Work well with others

Speaking of indoors, fans are fantastic power-savers inside too when used in conjunction with your air-conditioner. In fact, they can reduce summer cooling bills by up to 40%. And using your ceiling fan in reverse over winter in combination with your heater can reduce heating bills by up to 15% as the blades push the warm air down from the ceiling.

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Bugs begone

Right up there with keeping you cool, the fact that outdoor ceiling fans blow the bugs away is surely one of their best features. Every outdoor lover knows the pure frustration of swatting away and flies and mozzies when eating and entertaining outdoors. Installing a pergola ceiling fan offers instant breeze to blow away all the creepy-crawlies from your soft drinks and sausages.

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Lightbulb moment

Another benefit of outdoor ceiling fans is that some models are available with built-in LED lights. This allows of great additional lighting when entertaining after dark. So if you decide to purchase an outdoor fan with a light fixture and remote control, you won’t necessarily need any additional outdoor lighting solutions.

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Very durable

Whether used indoors or out, an advantage of selecting an outdoor ceiling fan is that they’re extra durable. As the blades are made with more weather-proof materials, they’re resistant to moisture and more resilient against corrosion. Available in a range of designs, an outdoor fan is a viable option for indoors too if you prefer this hardy alternative.


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    I don’t plan to buy another thing from early settler because they do not have good practices in relation to customers wanting to return items which they purchased. EG. I bought a wall unit according to how it looked on the internet, but when it arrived it was WAY TOO BIG!!! I had also bought a ridiculous round tray which was Really UGLY, and I wanted to return it and get my money refunded to me!!

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