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Create a Floral Christmas Wreath


Flower power!

One of the great joys of the festive season is all the decorating. Styling the Christmas tree, stringing up the fairy lights and hanging a wreath on the front door are part of the fun. Wreaths are so easy to make, but the pine cones and big red bows of traditional arrangements can feel dated. Hayley Little of @mumlittleloves has a fresh twist with a contemporary edge. Here she shows us how to create a floral Christmas wreath with faux flowers.



Gather your supplies

You’ll need a selection of flowers — Hayley used 10 Floret Platycodon Spray White and 10 Floret Rose Spray Fuchsia, but you can use any faux flowers with thin and flexible stems. You’ll also need cable ties, scissors, 6 medium-sized Christmas baubles and a ribbon to hang the wreath.

✅ 20 x flowers
✅ Cable ties
✅ Scissors
✅ 6 x baubles
✅ Ribbon


Start layering

Lay your first flower out on a flat surface, such as the dining room table. Then lay the second flower on top, just a couple centimetres lower, crossing the stems. Use a cable tie to fasten them together and trim all the excess cable ties.


Tie & Twist

Continue adding flowers, one by one, cable tying each as you go. Once a small cluster of flowers starts to form, you can bend the stems into an arc shape to begin to sculpt the curve of the wreath.


Bend into shape

Continue to fix your flowers with cable ties until you’ve attached all 20 flowers. Gently bend it into a complete circle shape to form the wreath.


Close the circle

Turn your wreath upside-down and join the ends with cable ties. The long overhanging stems should be neatly tucked into the wreath and also cable tied into place.


Attach baubles

Lay out your baubles to plan their placement within the wreath. Attach each one with a cable tie. You could use all pink baubles, as Hayley has, or chose your own colour scheme.


Tie a ribbon

Attach the ribbon to the top of the wreath and it’s ready to hang from the front door, a mirror, window, above your bed, in the kitchen or over the mantle. You could even make several Christmas wreaths to place throughout your home.

More in-store

An easy project that can be completed in an afternoon, creating your own floral Christmas wreath is also a wonderful task to enjoy with the kids. Set a theme, such as Hayley’s pretty in pink design, monochrome, snow white or Australiana. Or select a variety of flowers and colours to add a fresh and vibrant twist to your Christmas decorating. And don’t miss how’s guide to trimming your tree with faux flowers.


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  2. Debra Edith 30th November 2019

    I love it

  3. Rani 5th December 2019

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Sandra Gray 21st November 2020

    I have made a lot of wreaths and love the ease of making this one. Shopping list already started. Thank you.


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