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Trim Your Tree With Faux Flowers

Are you looking for a fresh and contemporary decorating twist this Christmas? Forget the boring baubles and tangled tinsel shedding all over the carpet the latest trend in trimming the tree is about creating fresh bursts of colour with imitation blossoms for a more modern aesthetic. Hayley Little of @mumlittleloves shows us how to trim the tree with faux flowers.
DIY Floral Christmas Tree
DIY Floral Christmas Tree
DIY Floral Christmas Tree

Step 1

First, select your favourite faux flowers. Hayley used around 50 stems, but you can use more or less to create your desired look and cater to the size of your tree. Use some big blooms to make a big impact and fill the space. Hayley used Floret Giant Hydrangea Cream, Floret Platycodon Spray White, Floret Hydrangea Spray Blue and Floret Rose Spray Fuchsia.

Celebrate New Year’s in Style
Celebrate New Year’s in Style flower 2
Celebrate New Year’s in Style flower 3
Celebrate New Year’s in Style flower

Step 2

Bend your stems about 20cm from the bloom so you can stick them within the branches of the tree.

Step 3

Trim the tree by using the largest blooms first. Keep stepping back to get perspective to distribute the flowers evenly. After you’ve positioned the larger blooms, embellish with the smaller flowers.

Step 4

Add your fairy lights and flick the switch. Twinkle, twinkle!

Trim Your Tree With Faux Flowers

Start decorating

Are you ready to trim your tree with faux flowers? Recreate Hayley’s gorgeous look or curate your own design from our vast selection of faux flowers in-store and online. And don’t miss our tips on how to make your house guests feel at home.


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  1. Claire 30th November 2019

    I love this Christmas tree where is it from?

  2. Gabriel Roman 30th November 2019

    What a Lovely idea

  3. georgietomichearlysettler 10th December 2019

    You’ll have to check with Hayley 😊


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