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Make Your House Guests Feel at Home


Not enough room at the inn?

With the holidays fast upon us, many of us may be visited by more than just Santa Claus, as friends or family fly in for Christmas. Whether it’s the in-laws or adult kids, having a comfy space for overnight guests is essential for the holidays. We’ve got 4 tips to help make your house guests feel at home so you can all relax over Christmas.


Make sure you declutter your guest’s space as much as possible, as it will be their little home-away-from-home while they stay with you and you want them to be comfy — whether that’s on the living room sofa, the study or in the guest room. Clear out a cupboard, trunk or set of drawers for them to stow their stuff.

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Make Your House Guests Feel at Home


If you’ve had your eye on a new bed, now may be just the time to purchase it so you have a spare bed for your guests. But if that’s out of the question, a sofa bed can also be a great option. Stash it in the study or mancave for extra seating throughout the year and pop it open for guests when needed.


Get your guests some crisp new bed linens or even some fluffy new pillows. Top it all off with some cushions and throws to create a little slice of heaven. Roll up fresh bath towels and put them on the dresser so your guests don’t need to ask. If you have a spare basket, pop it by the bed for dirty laundry.

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Make Your House Guests Feel at Home with the Annabella


Spoil your guests with some creature comforts, like fresh flowers or a scented candle. Place a reading lamp on their bedside table and a couple of your favourite novels. Charge up an iPad so they can watch Netflix in bed. If you happen to have a comfy chair you can spare, this is also a welcoming touch.


Fresh sheets?
Fluffy towels?
Comfy chair?
Laundry basket?
Storage space?


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