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The Timelessness of Floral Decor


Flower power!

Interior design styles drift in and out of vogue, but there’s one trend that remains timeless. Elegant, graceful and a little bit luxe, floral decor can infuse so much playfulness and sophistication into your home. But before you get drunk on flower power and go on a floral frenzy, it pays to follow a few basic principles so you don’t accidentally turn your home into a psychedelic album cover from the 1960s. Whether classic or contemporary, we’ve got plenty of ideas for creating a stylish floral feast in your interior design to add colour, vibrancy and some fresh feels.


1  Sophisticated: Select one large statement floral piece, with smaller accents and a neutral colour palette surrounding.
2  Maximalist: Layer up the colours and prints with reckless abandon for the luxe Parisian boudoir look.
3  Minimalist: Choose muted tones in whites, greys, blues or silvers with a floral motif to let the pattern do the talking.
4  Classic: Opt for large, realistic flowers in vibrant colours that are true to nature.
5  Contemporary: Select abstract, geometric and monochromatic floral prints.
6  Fresh vibe in any home: Create colour and vibrancy throughout with accent pieces and prints with colours that speak to you.

Boston sofa

From classic to contemporary

The Victorian era was notorious for upping the opulence with nauseating layer upon layer of floral patterns. The hippie generation brought it back with a psychedelic vengeance and turned it up to full blast. Throughout the generations, the allure of bringing the beauty and vibrancy of the garden into the home has made the botanic trend timeless — in its many incarnations.

But let’s set the record straight. There’s a fine line between the delicate floral patterns employed by, say, Yves Saint Laurent and your great-grandma’s sewing room or the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Well-selected and artfully placed, floral decor can add beauty, visual interest and sophistication to any room, from the traditional to the on-trend interior.

Ashbourne bed

Glam not gaudy

Often branded as being gaudy and too girly, many people avoid using floral patterns in their home out of fear of it being too loud and overbearing. Yet, used correctly, gaudy becomes glam and girly becomes gender neutral. Flowers aren’t innately feminine — men love them too.

Consider your space and whether you want to make a big impact with a large floral statement piece, such as a feature wall or bedspread, or do you prefer more pared-down accents? Do you favour the minimalist design style and simply want to add some texture and visual interest with neutral floral patterns? These are factors you need to take into account when selection your floral decor.

Big and bold

For the anthophiles out there (seriously, the term for flower-lovers should be floraphile… but let’s not go there), go big and bold. Select a beautiful, bold statement piece to anchor your room, such as floral wallpaper, a bedspread, rug or wall art. Choose the colours and prints that speak to you and your personal preferences, there are no hard and fast rules.

For a sophisticated look, focus on one dominant piece with a large pattern print. Choose a realistic floral print for a classic aesthetic and geometric, abstract or monochromatic prints for a more contemporary feel. Your statement piece will form the focal point for the room. The rest of the space should be kept sleek and streamlined by decorating with complementary colours.

For a maximalist approach, layer up your colours and prints with reckless abandon to achieve a luxe Parisian-boudoir glamour.

Neutral tones and textures

For those who favour a more minimalist aesthetic, the floral motif can be utilised to add texture and visual interest to a room. Grey or silver wallpaper with a flower print or a large floral rug can add the garden ambience without being overpowering.

A monochromatic theme lends a more modern feel to a home. Hang, for example, a large black and white flower canvas over a wall painted in eggshell white or charcoal grey. Accents can also be added with throw blankets and cushions in neutral tones or more impressionistic prints.

Subtle and stylish floral decor

Of course, you don’t have to do a full overhaul to get the fresh floral feels in your home. You can easily add elegance with flower-print cushions, lampshades, vases, throws and faux plants. Once again, select what speaks to you. Or simply add a pop of colour here and there with a pot of fuchsias, peach banksia or bouquet of roses. And don’t forget the dog! Your four-legged friend will sleep like a monarch in the beautiful Botanical Pet Bed.

Blossoming ideas?

Most importantly, when selecting floral decor, pick those that speak to you. Adding flowers to your interior is all about playfulness and vibrancy and the ‘feel-good’ aesthetic, so only choose the print, textures and colours that you love. We’ve got plenty of floral-inspired furnishings and décor in-store and online, as well as high-quality faux flowers to bring colour and vibrancy into your home.

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