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Style Curator’s Inner-City Oasis


Style savvy

An interior stylist and editor of award-winning interiors blog, Style Curator, Gina Ciancio is a master in the art of creating luxe looks for less.

With close to 30k followers on Instagram (@stylecuratorau), her goal of helping people create stylish homes has seen her widely celebrated in magazines and making guest appearances on TV.

“Style to us is about unearthing and celebrating your identity through interiors,” says Gina.

Between creating content, hosting workshops and filming videos, she was recently enlisted to undertake a full renovation of a private home in Erskineville, Sydney. Under the pump to complete the project before Christmas, she paraded her styling savvy with a breathtaking transformation of a courtyard into a contemporary, inner-city oasis.

The challenge

With limited space, the project presented numerous challenges. Working with a team of skilled tradies, they maximised every inch of space by removing the garden beds and tiling the 25-square-metre area with blue marble pavers.

“I encouraged them to use natural stone as it doesn’t get as hot underfoot and it’s really beautiful.”

As the property abutted a train line, very high modular fencing was installed with acoustic benefits to help buffer the sound, while also providing plenty of privacy for the home’s residents.

Optical illusion

“The goal was to create an outdoor dining space but also have a spot to sit and relax,” explains Gina. “I looked for furniture that would suit these needs while not being too ‘heavy’ and dominate the space. Slim-leg furniture was essential. I love the pieces I found at Early Settler, especially the outdoor table with natural marble top. The 1.5-seater sofa is also ideal as it’s in scale with the space and small enough to be moved about.”

By maximising the usable surface area, introducing a neutral colour scheme and using natural materials, Gina was able to achieve a clever illusion of increased space. The setting was completed with bamboo plants around the perimeter, which offer further privacy and a luscious tropical-villa vibe without taking up too much precious space.

Style Curator’s Inner-City Oasis with the Bronte

Pictured: Bronte marble table, Cera black chairs and Sanctuary 1.5-seater outdoor sofa.

Small space, big style

Spilling directly off the kitchen, the courtyard offers an inviting alfresco setting for relaxed outdoor living and weekend entertaining. Featured in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Gina’s inner-city oasis goes to show that smaller spaces don’t have to be small on style.

“I couldn’t be happier with how this courtyard turned out — and more importantly, neither could the client!”

Style Curator’s Inner-City Oasis with the Bronte

Pictured: Bronte marble table, Cera black chairs and Sanctuary 1.5-seater outdoor sofa.

Alfresco inspiration

Gina proved that you don’t need a big space to create an inner-city oasis or suburban sanctuary. Visit us in-store and online to view this summer’s range. Learn more about Gina and Style Curator to find styling and decorating tips for transforming your own home.


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  1. Judy Berryman 25th January 2020

    Absolutely stunning great job

  2. Rosemary Crossland 13th February 2020

    Wonderful transformation. Additional ‘room’ that would be enjoyed daily. Well done.

  3. Graham Harris 4th March 2020

    price of sera black chairs please

  4. Early Settler Team 5th March 2020

    Hi Graham, they’re $129… and also really popular! Next delivery is arriving in June 2020.


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