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Style Curator’s Secret to Style

The Curator of Style

Style Curator

As editor of one of Australia’s most successful interiors blogs, award-winning Style Curator, when it comes to all things interior design related, Gina Ciancio has got it down to a fine art.

Hailing from a background in marketing and communications, she traded her corporate job for an interiors blog in 2014 when she launched Style Curator. Since then she’s amassed thousands of followers on Instagram and has drawn attention from around the globe.

Juggling clients, blogging and babies, this style specialist was kind enough to take time out to share her tips and inspirations with us.

How did Style Curator come about?

After uni, where I studied Business and Communications, I worked in marketing for many years (both in Australia and the UK) but I always had a desire to do something for myself where I could be more creative. It took a long time before I had that ‘aha’ moment where I realised my passion has always been for the home and design, and that I could use my skills in web design and writing to create an online hub for people with useful advice and inspiration. That night, I bought the domain for stylecurator.com.au and got to work. My goal from the beginning was to turn Style Curator into my job and I haven’t looked back.

“Style Curator is a blog for people seeking ideas on how they can create a more organised or stylish home, people building or renovating, those who love DIY projects or just want to keep up to date with latest design trends and news.”

How would you describe your style?

My style is contemporary Australian with a minimalist feel. I tend to keep key items neutral and speckle colour through my home with artwork and décor.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration all around from cafes and other buildings, shop windows, catalogues and magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and other design blogs. Almost anything can be a source of inspiration and I’m constantly screenshotting or taking photos of things for later.

I also get inspiration from my favourite designers. I love Michelle Hart (@michelle_baskinteriors) in Melbourne, for coastal vibes it’s hard to beat Catherine Heraghty (@the_stables_) and for colour inspiration I love seeing projects by Carlene Duffy (@cedarandsuede).

How do you start a new project?

I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’m not the sort of person who can just wing it. A good room or project requires planning. I’ll take my time to search for inspiration, products and materials and play around with these (generally using a mood board) until I’m happy with the final look.

What has been your favourite project?

I’m really proud of (and had loads of fun doing) a recent full home renovation in Sydney of a Victorian Terrace house. It had been badly reno’d in the ’90s using cheap products that weren’t in keeping with the period so we worked to develop a new, modern style that still respected the era of the home.

One part of the project was gutting the courtyard and turning it into an inner-city oasis and we furnished the space using pieces from Early Settler.

Style Curator’s Inner-City Oasis with the Bronte

Pictured: Bronte marble table, Cera black chairs and Sanctuary 1.5-seater outdoor sofa.

What’s your advice for DIY decorators?

Take your time. You can often feel a sense of urgency or just wanting to get it done when decorating but it pays to research and sit with ideas for a while before locking anything in. Creating a mood board is also always advisable and I have all the tips on how to create a mood board on my blog. Also, know your limits. There’s plenty we can DIY to keep costs down but sometimes you just need to call in the experts.


When I was young I wanted to be… a secretary (embarrassing, I know, but I thought it was the best job in the world).

Every home should have… art, plants and rugs.

I would describe my style as… contemporary Australian.

If in doubt… wait. Don’t rush decisions.

My favourite room in the house is… always changing. Right now, our dining space.

What’s next? This year is already looking a bit crazy. We’ve got plenty of fun styling projects coming up, big ideas for content and collaborations, and I’m also about to start a diploma of Interior Design.

Want to see more?

Check out before and after pics of Gina’s inner-city oasis for inspiration on transforming your outdoor area.


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