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Inspirational Study Spaces for Kids


Study and Snapchat in style!

With so many kids in and out of lockdown, they’re actually excited to be returning to classes this year! From preppies to postgrads, we’ve got inspirational study spaces for kids to get them organised and inspired for the new year ahead.

The tidy teen

Anyone with a teen understands what a battle it can be to get them to prioritise homework. Creating an inviting study space that’s organised and inspiring will help them stay focused on important essays (and sneaky Snapchats, if we’re honest!).

Inspirational Study Spaces for Kids - teen

Soft and stylish

Just because a study space is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Select a desk that complements the existing theme of the room and accessorise with soft décor… it will also make a beautiful backdrop for Facetiming Nanna in Noosa.

Inspirational Study Spaces for Kids - pink

The sporty sort

Staying organised isn’t necessarily at the top of the priority list for busy kids. Create an inspirational study space that’s both purposeful and playful surrounded by the things they love so homework doesn’t feel like such a hassle. Hot tip: add some ad hoc storage!

Inspirational Study Spaces for Kids - blue

More in-store at Early Settler

Visit Early Settler in-store or online to get more ideas for inspirational study spaces for kids. And don’t miss Hayley Little’s bedroom-office styling tips.


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