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Comfort is king

If being stuck at home in lockdowns and remote learning has taught us anything, it’s the importance of more comfortable, multifunctional spaces. And with international borders closed for now, many Australians are investing the holiday budget in home renovations to increase the equity in their properties, maximise spaces and create tranquil zones to unwind. In fact, according to Euromonitor International, Australian household budgets invested into home improvements is estimated to go up by 8.1% this year. Check out the top renovation trends for 2021 builders and architects are reporting.

Top Renovation Trends for 2021 - bathroom



Hands up who used the bathroom to flee the family at some point during lockdown? You’re not alone. Studies show that, in addition to the obvious function, many homeowners visit the bathroom to relax and escape. As such, creating a spa-like bathroom is one of the top trends we’re seeing this year, with soaker baths, statement vanities, mood lighting and indoor plants high on the priority list.

Top renovation trends for 2021 - home office


The #WFH Zoom room

With temporary work-from-home policies becoming more permanent in many industries, Google Trends is showing ‘home office ideas’ to be consistently searched. As people seek out clever, multifunctional workspace options, one of the big renovation trends for 2021 is the #WFH office — whether a ‘boffice’ (bedroom office), converted cupboard or semi-partitioned nook at the top of the stairs.

Top Renovation Trends for 2021 - kitchen



The kitchen has long been the most popular room to renovate so it’s no surprise it remains at the top of the priority list in 2021. Savvy storage, natural materials and premium finishes are coveted like never before as the kitchen takes centre stage in the heart of the home, while the island bench is one of the most prized features with its multifunctional dynamic — from hashbrowns to homework.

Oak & Orange: Poolside Paradise with the Haven lounge set



In the travel-restricted world, bringing the holiday vibe home has soared to the top of the priority list. Features like sliding glass and bifolds doors off living zones opening directly to the alfresco deck or patio invite in cross-breezes and blur the line between indoors and out. Opening walls and expanding decks also add precious square footage for the family to spread out and to entertain in the open air.

Top Renovation Trends for 2021 - lighting



In addition to adding glass doors to open spaces, many homeowners are seeking ways to make their homes feel brighter, fresher and more spacious with clever lighting solutions. A big renovation trend this year is to build in lighting schemes to complement overhead LEDs and lamps with hanging pendants and chandeliers to both enhance the luminosity and curate the mood for the time of day.

Top Renovation Trends for 2021 - natural materials



Perhaps the biggest and most exciting trend of 2021 is the dramatic shift towards using more sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials in construction. Reclaimed and more sustainable timbers such as bamboo and mango wood have risen in popularity, while fixtures and finishes made from eco-friendly rattan and jute are also being highly sought in home renovations.

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  1. Afton Jackson 10th May 2021

    My favorite part of your article was definitely the one that discussed how to incorporate the outdoors into your living space. As someone who is very fond of nature, I figured that I should try and study ways to make it feel more connected to my house, and your ideas of doors and patios can help me achieve that. I’ll keep these ideas in mind so I can use them when I hire a custom home contractor that can help us with some renovations.


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