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Julia Green’s Perfect Christmas Table


Make your table shine

Christmas is such a special day to share with family and friends. Yet between buying gifts, planning the lunch menu and praying for good weather, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Stylist and writer Julia Green of @greenhouseinteriors has tips and tricks for creating the perfect Christmas table setting — so you can at least tick that chore off the list!

Image credit: Amelia Stanmix

1 Themes

Consider creating a theme. An Australian theme, for instance, can be achieved by taking cues from nature. An outdoor table laden with generously brimming vases of eucalyptus, sage-coloured napery tied with fragrant rosemary sticks, mint sprigs, prawns on the barbecue and a sprinkling of soft light would sing of a quintessential Aussie Christmas. Themes ideas are endless.

Julia Green’s Perfect Christmas Table

2 Colour

You might opt to colour coordinate the table using certain hues to tie a look together. Or go the complete opposite way with an eclectic look of mismatched chairs, crockery and cutlery. Whatever colour scheme you choose, commit to it in all facets to carry it off with conviction.

3 Position

Depending on the number of guests, you might need to reconsider the orientation of your table. Christmas usually involves more people than usual so extra chair options should be considered. Always ensure there is a sense of comfortability to the chairs, even if it means accessorising with beautiful cushions so that style and comfort are combined. Weather permitting, nothing beats an outdoor Christmas table, but be prepared with all of the usual suspects such as insect repellents, market umbrellas, a fan and sunscreen. Music should always be playing in the background to help create a festive feel for the day. Styling is not just about what we can see, but also what we can hear, touch and smell.

Julia Green's Perfect Christmas Table

4 Accessories

Consider making the investment in an affordable selection of crockery and glassware in a neutral palette so that it can be used year-round and for all occasions, then you can dress it up with napery or bon bons. You could even buy two sets so everyone has the same plates. Change up your jugs, vases, Christmas crackers and florals to affordably vary the look or inject colour when the new festive season rolls around.

Julia Green’s Perfect Christmas Table with the Oak Hill

5 Avoid the mess

Consider a long ream of brown craft paper running the length of the table or a cotton cloth to avoid the calamity of food spillage. If you are lucky enough to have beams from the roof (either outside or in), hang buckets of flowers over them for a punchy style statement and to free up valuable table room!

Julia Green's Perfect Christmas Table

Start decorating

To create a setting like Julia Green’s perfect Christmas table, browse our range online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. And don’t forget to check out our great gifts and stocking stuffers.


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