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The Ultimate Teenage Retreat

While they may have ditched their teddy bears and Tonka trucks, your teens are far from grown. There are still years of tears, tantrums and biting sarcasm to look forward to. It’s the perfect time to create a dedicated space just for them to provide a little escape for you both. While it may be within your budget to upsize to a house big enough to contain their gangly limbs and mood swings, for most of us, finding some sort of space within our existing square footage will have to do the trick, such as transforming the garage into a chill zone, or updating their bedroom to double as a little lounge. We’ve got stylish ideas for creating the ultimate teenage retreat for your little smart aleck sweetheart.

🎧 1 Get a bigger bed

If there’s one thing teens are known for, it’s their remarkable ability to increase in size. And when that infamous growth spurt occurs, it’s like they go to bed in pigtails and wake up as the Hulk, twice your size. Now’s the time to get them a solid bed that they can take into adulthood. The Mansfield is timeless in timber, while a simple bed base is an affordable way to upsize and let them create their own vibe with linens, throws, sheepskins and cushions.

🎧 2 Clever couch

As they spend most of their time lying down, if space permits invest in a comfortable sofa for them to kick off their Doc Martens, get horizontal and binge on Stranger Things. The Slouch sofa is perfect for a rumpus room — it flaunts serious cloud-like comfort and the soft canvas covers can be removed and dry cleaned after those inevitable pizza-party spills. The Da Vinci sofa bed also offers a comfortable space for your teen to mope and it folds open easily for sleepovers, while the Lille is a day bed, sleepover bed and Snapchat nest.

🎧 3 Cosy reading nook

No room for a sofa? Create a cosy reading nook instead. The Quinn provides a velvet-soft space to curl up and watch Netflix on their phone while pretending to read their English curriculum novels. The Calico hanging chair offers pod-like snugly-ness and comes with a sturdy steel frame. Layer it up with a furry throw and lots of plump pillows so they’ve got the perfect place to go and sulk when you tell them they can’t get a tattoo.

🎧 4 Snazzy study area

Launching into their high school years, it’s important to give teenagers a workspace to smash out their quadriatic equations and persuasive essays. They will, of course, have a fleet of persuasive reasons why they can’t be bothered doing any homework. Make it easier for you both by giving them a chic space to study. The Fulham desk has a clean, industrial edge and two drawers to store away the clutter. The Clover is timeless and would suit any décor. Top them with a couple of plants, which are known to help improve concentration, elevate mood and allow less surface space for them to pile up all their dirty dishes.

🎧 5 Smart storage

From books and magazines to framed photos and footy awards, teenagers, just like us, want to put their life and interests out on parade. Yet organisation isn’t always their strong suit. Find some smart storage solutions. The Darcy bookcase has both drawers and shelves. Beloved items can be put on display and messy bits and bobs hidden out of sight. The Fulham ladder shelving unit is uber-cool with its urban chic. Add a few baskets to hide the cluttery stuff like iPhone chargers, Xbox controllers and every colour of nail polish known to man.

🎧 6 Create colour

If you hadn’t already got your teen involved in styling, definitely get them on board now with colour or even a theme. Let them select their linens, curtains and cushions to make the space their own. You could even paint a feature wall. Yes, it will probably end up jet-black and plastered with posters of Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley, or just maybe they’ll want to pick out some stylish wall art.

The ultimate teenage retreat with Folk art

🎧 7 Accessorise

It’s the little things that add character and really parade personality. Whether jock, joker, arty or emo, letting your teen express their developing identity (even if it seems to change daily) is very important in helping them to grow into a confident adult. Encourage their quirks and passions and let them pick out a few ‘fetch’ furnishings to really make their space pop.

Get styling!

Are you ready to work with your teen and create the ultimate teenage retreat? Browse our range online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. We’ve also got plenty of ideas for creating snazzy spaces for cool kids.


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