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Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Mix it up in the bedroom

Is your style coastal? Boho? Provincial? Contempo? Or do you prefer to mix your eras, styles, patterns and textures to create something uniquely your own? If so, the eclectic aesthetic may be for you.

Seemingly chaotic with a combination of colours, patterns and global influences, this luscious look is all about creating visual harmony through clever curation and an underlying common thread. A complementary integration of colour, style, texture and shape will balance the space and make your bedroom effortlessly laidback. We’ve got 3 eclectic bedroom decorating ideas tips to help you create a space that’s cleverly curated (not chaotic!).

What’s eclectic?

Eclectic interior decorating is a style that artfully combines styles, eras, patterns, materials and motifs in the one space to create a result that’s balanced, harmonious and curated.

Mismatch your furniture

One of the most defining features of the eclectic style is mismatched furniture. Do you love a French provincial dresser and a rustic coastal canopy bed? Some mid-century side tables and a regal armchair? You have free reign to pick out the piece you love, marry old and new, and mix styles. The rule of thumb is to simply select furniture that is in scale so the overall effect in the room is balanced.

Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas with the Maya bed

Harmonise your hues

We often think of eclectic spaces as miscellany of colours, patterns and motifs. Yet a cohesive scheme is a key to creating harmony in an eclectic space. It’s also the easiest way to blend diversity. Over a neutral base, restrict yourself to a few accent colours to pepper throughout the room. You’re then free to experiment with different patterns, textures and motifs to create a visual feast that’s also united and harmonious.

eclectic bedroom decorating ideas with layers

Get luscious with layers & textures

Contrasting textures and tactile finishes are a trademark of the eclectic style. Think natural timber, faux fur, leather, metallics, velvet, linen and jute. Again, keep your colours neutral for a united overall look with just a few complementary accent colours. Pop in some of your precious personal pieces, treasures from your travels, vintage gems and luscious indoor plants to complete the eclectic aesthetic.

Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas with layers

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  1. Billie 25th March 2022

    Kudos to whoever wrote this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking in all the alliteration, as well as all the design tips. It was a beautiful topic that was beautifully written. Now I want to know more about the eclectic style!


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