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Monochrome Dining Zone



While the dining room may be the heart of the home, when it comes to interior design this space is often overlooked. As a functional zone, less attention is generally given to the dining room than, for instance, the soft layers of the living room. Often located between the lounge and kitchen, a chic monochromatic colour scheme is a timeless choice for this intermediary space. Not only will it offer a seamless transition between more decorative or themed rooms in the house, a black-and-white palette is also sleek, sophisticated and can be easily dressed up or down throughout the seasons and occasions with accessories, flowers and décor. Here are 6 tips to help make your monochrome dining zone dazzle in black and white.

Monochrome Dining Zone with lighting


Let there be light

Whether your style is industrial, contemporary or something more glamorous, choosing a statement chandelier, pendent lighting or cluster of pendants will punctuate the centre of your dining room. This will immediately define the space and add plenty of drama, while also providing ambient light directly over the table. HOT TIP: Install a smart light bulb so you can adjust the dimness and colour through your smartphone and set the mood for dinner.

Monochrome Dining Zone with light and coastal


Assess the surrounds

When it comes to selecting your dining room furniture, a perfectly uniform interior aesthetic to the rest of the house isn’t necessary. Rather, take subtle cues from the surrounding theme of the home. If your look is Scandi, country or coastal, opt for a relaxed-look dining table in white with a natural timber top. If you prefer a more cosmopolitan, classic or dramatic look, you can’t go past matte black.

Monochrome Dining Zone with a chandelier


Shades of grey

Monochrome isn’t all about strictly black and white. It’s also about creating and soft and sophisticated ombre of tones in various shades of grey. Soften your space with upholstered chairs and rugs in charcoal, cloud, ash and slate. Consider varied textures too, such as velvet, wool and glass, to create visual appeal and tactility.

Monochrome Dining Zone seating


Statement seating

Dining room chairs can be found in an enormous range of styles and designs, from upholstered fabric and luxurious velvet to practical polypropylene and classic timber. Consider the overall look and feel you want to create in your dining zone. Fabric chairs can give a dining room a formal look, while timber is easy to wipe clean and never dates. A matte-black polypropylene chair looks very modern and can be used indoors or out.

Monochrome Dining Zone with timber


Touches of timber

Natural timber is absolutely timeless and a striking complement to a monochromatic colour scheme. If you like this laidback look, opt for a dining table with a natural timber top or dining chairs with a woven wicker seat. Or choose a natural timber sideboard or shelving unit to anchor your dining room and soften the black-and-white palette so it’s not too stark or polarised.

Monochrome Dining Zone with pops of colour


Colour your world

Tie your monochrome dining zone together with a few pops of colour. Striking framed prints, coloured glass vases and indoor plants work to add depth and character to a black-and-white backdrop. Alternatively, personalise your dining room with a gallery wall of family photos and treasured artworks from the kids.


Visit Early Settler online or in-store to get more inspiration for your monochrome dining zone. If monochrome is not your thing, get some alternative delicious dining room styling inspiration here.


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