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6 Ways to Decorate with Sage Green


Go green

Despite the fact that ‘Very Peri’ purple is the Pantone Colour of the Year, sage green is clearly the ‘people’s choice’ with Google Trends revealing that it’s currently the most searched shade of green on the internet. In fact, of the six major paint brands to pick out their top hues of 2022 for interior design, five selected shades of sage: Everygreen Fog, October Mist, Breezeway, Olive Sprig and Guacamole (the sixth is Art and Craft, a sunbaked cinnamon brown). Given that over the past couple of years so many of us have transformed our homes into serene sanctuaries to escape the stress of the global pandemic, it’s not surprising we’re filling our interiors with luscious sage green walls, furnishings and décor. We’ve got 6 ways to decorate with sage green to invite Mother Earth inside.

1 Create luscious layering

As with any accent colour, sprinkle sage with intention. This dusky green works wonderfully with darker shades of olive, emerald and forest green within the same palette. Start with a muted foundation of whites, creams, greys or light dusky sage, and layer with deeper green tones in your homewares, plants, cushions, throws or even a statement armchair.

6 Ways to Decorate with Sage Green - layer green tones

2 Accentuate with natural materials

As a soft, natural and calming shade reminiscent of forest trails and tranquil lagoons, sage instantly invites a sense of restfulness and connection with nature. This shade is the perfect complement to spaces (indoors or out) with natural materials, such as timber, stone, rattan and jute, to subconsciously heighten your feeling of connection with the natural world.

6 Ways to Decorate with Sage Green with the Sage Outdoor Sofa set

3 Up the elegance with glamorous contrasts

Uplifting yet muted and sophisticated with a gentle kiss of grey, this versatile shade delights colour-lovers and minimalists alike. For a more glamorous look, use sage to give your spaces a luscious lift paired with luxurious tones and textures, such as metallics, mirrors and velvet.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 - sculptural furniture

4 Ground the kitchen in calm

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a social and lively space, as well as a retreat for those who love to cook. All about nurturing and nourishing with delicious meals for family and friends, sage green cabinetry or feature walls in the kitchen are a soothing supplement to fresh countertop herbs, indoor plants and leafy landscapes on the walls.

6 Ways to Decorate with Sage Green - ground the heart of the home with a sage kitchen

5 Escape to a spa-like bathroom

Have you ever been to a luxurious day spa with eucalyptus essential oils, a forest-flute playlist and fern-filled spaces? Recreate this pampering spa-like setting in your bathroom with touches of sage green and faux plants to give yourself a mini-escape every day of the week in a steamy shower or soothing soak in the bathtub.

6 Ways to Decorate with Sage Green - create a spa-like bathroom

6 Freshen the alfresco

Sage and mint hues are a blissful choice for outdoor areas as they seamlessly merge with the garden around them. Bring an additional layer of liveliness to your deck and alfresco scene with a chic sage green outdoor seating, an open-air sofa or a bistro set.

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