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Earthy Tones for a Harmonious Home


Harmony at home

As we all look to a healthier future and more harmonious connection with nature, earthy tones and organic hues are trending in the world of design. Shades reminiscent of lush green forests, ochre soil and golden sunsets not only remind us of the beauty of natural world, they also create a calm and grounding ambience in indoors spaces.

“We have been increasingly looking to nature for colour inspiration,” explains Early Settler furniture buyer Monica Porter. “We’ve introduced rich earth tones like forest green, mustard and terracotta to connect our homes and ourselves more with the natural world.”

In stark contrast to the white-on-white Scandi interiors we’ve seen so much of in recent years, earthy tones add the colour, depth and warmth we crave as we find ourselves home more than ever. From olive to umber, here are some gorgeous hues from Mother Earth that the world of design is embracing.

Earth Tones for a Harmonious Home - olive

Stitch sofa in olive green velvet (in-store now)



Colour is a powerful tool for evoking emotion and there’s nothing quite as soothing as shades of green indoors. “Forest, moss and olive green offer an instant connection with nature and are particularly comforting in velvet,” says Monica. “Among some of the new pieces we’ve added to the range this year are an olive green Stitch sofa and the popular Slouch in moss green velvet” (in-store August 2021).

Earth Tones for a Harmonious Home - mustard

Slouch sofa in golden yellow velvet (in-store August 2021)



Ever-vibrant, yellow is one of the Pantone Colours of 2021 (paired with grey). Add a dash of dusking djion and this happy hue is both uplifting and down to earth as an accent or anchoring piece in your living room, bedroom or home office. “We’re excited about the rise in popularity of this vivacious vintage shade,” says Monica. “In addition to moss green, our Slouch sofa is now also available in a stunning golden yellow velvet” (in-store in August 2021).

Earth Tones for a Harmonious Home - terracotta

Stitch sofa in sunrise orange velvet (in-store now)



Evoking images of the Australian desert in reddish-brown hues, terracotta and fired-clay tones have come a long way from the flower-power dresses and crocheted beanies of the 1970s. Matte and muted, contemporary terracotta tones have never looked so good. “Add some earthy ochre accents to make your rooms pop or go all out with a sunrise orange Stitch velvet sofa,” says Monica. “There’s something very warm and grounding about earthy terracotta tones.”

Earthy Tones for a Harmonious Home - umber

Corbyn Leather Sofa (in-store now)



Hailing from a natural clay containing iron and manganese oxide, this earthy shade can vary from deep chocolate-brown to a slightly lighter sienna. “Brown tones such as umber, sienna, walnut and chocolate work particularly well in interior design,” says Monica. “They offer the ultimate earthy ambience and are very anchoring. They also help to make indoor plants and room décor appear more vibrant in contrast, thus adding depth to your rooms.”


Visit us in-store and online at Early Settler to check out more of our earthy tones in olive, terracotta, umber and mustard. And don’t miss some of the surprising style trends of 2021.

Earth Tones for a Harmonious Home

Slouch sofa in moss green velvet (in-store August 2021)


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