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Top Interior Design Trends for 2022


What’s new for 2022?

Trends come and go and you needn’t always be on the cutting edge. But if you’re looking to update, it’s a great idea to learn about what’s trending right now so you don’t make decisions that date your home or bypass potential equity-adding opportunities. Here are some of the top interior design trends for 2022 that stylists and designers are recognising.

1 Earthy colours

With our home lives changing so dramatically over the past couple of years, the primary focus continues to be on comfort and calm. Earthy palettes of ochre, terracotta, mustard and umber are instantly soothing and anchoring, inviting the natural world inside the home and providing an antidote to the technological static of social media, news headlines and Zoom calls.

If you’re looking for a quick updating idea for your home, colour is a great place to start. And rising to the top of the 2022 colour chart is sage green. Of the major paint brands to pick their colour of the year for 2022, five out of six were shades of sage, including Everygreen Fog, October Mist, Breezeway, Olive Sprig and Guacamole.

Bring a little bit of nature indoors with a sage green sofa, armchair, print or cushions. Or paint a feature wall or your front door to give your home a calming leafy vibe.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2022 - sage green

2 Connection with the outdoors

Likewise, as most of us have spent more time at home over the past two years than ever before, the desire for spacious and comfortable alfresco areas has soared to the top of everyone’s wish list. This trend will continue hardily into 2022 as Australians prioritise investing in comfortable and sustainable outdoor furniture for dining, lounging and entertaining.

Expect to see more weather-resistant materials, hardy timbers, moisture-resistant cushions and oversized comfy outdoor sofa suites and dining sets to rival the comfort of indoor settings. Fire pits, alfresco ceiling fans and outdoor lighting are in high demand too as Aussies look to make their decks or patios extensions of the home’s interior.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2022 - connection with nature

3 Sculptural furniture

A throwback to earlier decades and what seemed like simpler times, curvaceous furniture is all the rage and will continue to trend throughout 2022.

This retro revival isn’t about one specific period in time. It’s a playful amalgam of eras, from Art Deco and Hollywood Recency right through to the ’90s. It takes influences and standout design elements from throughout the decades, fusing them with the millennial aesthetic. Curves, arches, bold colours and a mix of patterns and materials define this nostalgic style.

Big cushy sofas and cuddly armchairs in shaggy faux fur promise the ultimate in sink-right-in comfort, while round tables, curved mirrors and arched walkways not only resonate with the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, they also make a free-flowing statement that’s somehow pacifying, devoid of sharp edges.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 - sculptural furniture

4 Warm wood

Ever-timeless, timber never goes out of fashion. Although moving away from richer tones of chocolate, mahogany and rose gum, lighter shades of wood for cabinetry, flooring and tables are rising in popularity.

Rather than the stark Nordic tones we’ve seen in recent years, timber accents in 2022 are all about sandy, oak hues to add warmth and anchor your spaces with an earthy elegance.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 - warm woods

5 Home workspaces

In the early days of the pandemic lockdowns, many of us were forced to throw together ad hoc home workspaces, whether in the corner of a bedroom, beneath the staircase or in a repurposed cupboard.

Fast-forward two years, many offices have now adopted a work-from-home or hybrid model. In 2022, the home office isn’t just on-trend, it’s an essential.

If you’re building, extending or reinventing your floorplan, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a home office into your design. Invest in quality furniture, comfortably seating, plenty of storage and some uplifting décor to create an inspiring space to work.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 - home office

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