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Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas


Work from home in style

Hybrid workplaces have become the norm in the post-pandemic world and it’s a win–win for employers and employees alike. Not only is it proving to offer a better work–life balance, studies are also showing improved productivity, decreased sick days and reduced office-operating costs for the business. As we kick off the new year, it’s the perfect time to give your study an update with these back-to-work office home ideas to start 2022 fresh and inspired.

Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas - the right space


A dedicated space

Start by working out exactly where you’re going to set up your home office space. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room or bungalow — bingo! — but if not, you’ll need to get inventive with a niche, like the landing at the top of the stairs, underneath the staircase, a converted linen cupboard or a quiet corner of your bedroom. If you have an open office space, consider investing in a privacy screen and noise-cancelling headphone.

Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas – a good desk


A decent desk

The right desk is about more than just somewhere to rest your keyboard and mouse — it should be the right height (approximately 75–78cm) to prevent back or neck pain and to be able to rest your arms, and it should also offer enough surface space for your specific work requirements. The desks in the Early Settler range have been constructed to the industry-standard height and with between 120–150cm of surface space.

Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas - comfy chair


A Comfy chair

A poor choice of chair is often the culprit of late-afternoon backaches so it’s well worth investing in an office chair that’s comfortable and well fitted to your form. Height-adjustable chairs are the most ideal to allow you to find the perfect stature for you and don’t forget caster wheels so you can glide in and out of your desk with ease. If space and funds allow, invest in a cosy armchair too so you’ll have extra seating for clients or researching.

Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas - storage and shelving


Savvy storage

Whether a few client files or a full library of books, appropriate shelving is a home office essential. Assess your needs and what you need to keep sorted. Will a desk with drawers suit your requirements, or do you need a full shelving unit? Are cubes most appropriate for keeping your folders displayed, or do you prefer to keep files and office accoutrements tidily hidden away behind cabinet doors?

home office - the right lighting


The right lights

Getting the lighting right isn’t as straightforward as it seems when it comes to creating a comfortable home office. You want the right balance of adequate overhead lighting coupled with a table lamp or two so you can customise the brightness for your needs at each time of day and throughout the seasons. If there’s excessive glare from windows, you may also need sheer curtains or blinds to be a part of your lighting plan.

Back-to-Work Home Office Ideas - prints and decor


Delicious décor

Finally, add your own personality or motivational vibe with some delicious décor, like a beautiful print, plush rug and some luscious indoor plants (or the faux version if you prefer to keep it fuss-free) to create a fresh and inspiring home office you’ll enjoy working in for years to come.


Don’t forget the kids!

With so many kids in and out of lockdown throughout the past couple of years, they’re actually excited to be returning to classes in 2022! From preppies to postgrads, we’ve got inspirational study space ideas for kids to get them organised and inspired.


Visit Early Settler in-store or online to get more home office ideas. And don’t miss our eclectic bedroom decorating ideas.


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