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Modern Twist on a Classic Look


Timeless meets on-trend

Materials such as leather, linen, marble and timber offer a timeless appeal. This makes them worth investing in as luxurious and lasting foundational pieces in our homes. However, most of us enjoy updating our spaces and introducing some new looks throughout the seasons to keep our home decorating fresh. With some modern accents and accessories, it’s easy to put a modern twist on a classic look. Check out our 5 simple styling ideas for pairing traditional and on-trend.

1 Opt for muted colours

Colour is a powerful tool in interior design as it has such an impact on our moods. Our favourite hues, however, often change throughout the years. So, when it comes to creating a classic interior, opt for neutral colours such as natural timber, creams, whites, tans and beiges to provide an ageless backdrop. Update and refresh your spaces throughout the seasons with your choice of colourful cushions, rugs, lampshades, plants and prints.

Update your traditional interior throughout the seasons with new cushions, plants and decor.

Pair classic furniture with contemporary homewares and colours.

2 Celebrate classic design

Quality craftsmanship in furniture design is a true artform. Cultivated and perfected over hundreds of years, it’s impossible to not appreciate the eternal elegance of rolled arms, turned-wood and cabriole legs, diamond tufting, wrought iron, parquetry and other classic design elements.

To marry traditional and on-trend, invest in a few classic pieces of furniture to anchor your modern décor. Or opt for on-trend colours or fabrics to infuse some contemporary chic into your classic interior.

3 Marry your materials

Technology has come a long way when it comes to the durability, functionality and affordability of the materials used in furniture and homewares. For instance, linen when blended with viscose looks luxurious yet is more affordable and resilient. And for those who covet the old-world charm of a classic leather sofa yet prefer an animal-free option, a traditional sofa in high-quality faux leather looks just as good as the real thing. Blend glamorous gold and cool marble, vibrant velvet cushions and timber rustic timber to marry on-trend and ageless looks.

Contemporary Twist on a Classic Look with the faux leather Ariane

Modern faux leather offers the old-world elegance of the real thing yet is vegan friendly, durable and easy to clean. Give your classic chesterfield a modern vibe with a contemporary print.

4 Get eclectic with eras

Another way to put a contemporary twist on a classic look is to get eclectic with the eras. A 1960s-style rattan console table beside a traditional chesterfield sofa, for instance, draws attention to the distinction between the time periods, highlighting their unique features. Likewise, a classic mid-century leather armchair goes next level against some vintage vacation tropical-inspired homewares.

Or mix and match your timber dining table throughout the seasons with luxe velvet or modern matte-black polypropylene dining chairs.

Modern polypropylene chairs with classic elements unite old and new.

5 Accent the architecture

Consider the existing architectural features of your home when it comes to selecting furniture and décor and focus on enhancing them with modern accents. High trussed ceilings, French doors, exposed brickwork, parquetry flooring and open fireplaces are timeless and can be given a fresh new twist with crisp white paint, cosmopolitan artwork and on-trend colours, cushions and rugs to breathe new life into your ageless architectural elements.

Highlight your old-world architectural elements with some modern colours, artworks or rugs (view this Victorian home renovation here).

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