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Pick the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Backyard


Instant warmth, light & atmosphere outside

Quickly becoming an outdoor essential in the Aussie garden, fire pits provide the perfect family place to relax with friends, open a bottle of wine and catch up beneath the stars. There’s something about gathering around a toasty fire that taps a comforting instinct for human connection. They also create a central focal point and plenty of light for evening gatherings, inviting conversation to linger for hours. With so many stylish models on offer, we’ll help you pick the perfect fire pit for your backyard.



The Birmingham Round Fire Pit boasts a sleek and stylish design. Crafted from clayfibre and sheet metal with a granite finish, this 49x38cm bowl works well in every outdoor setting. Can you picture yourself in this toasty scene? 🔥 The mood is set for some wine sipping and star gazing in the Portsea Teak Armchair beside the crackling fire.



Crafted from fire-resistant sheet iron, the Charlbury Fire Pit has a charming cauldron-like appeal, and at 50x50cm in size, it fits both small and large outdoor-entertaining areas. The bowl can even be tilted on the base to angle the heat in a specific direction, such as pointed towards the patio.



The Burnley Circular Fireplace offers a modern take on the classic chiminea. Standing proud at 50cm, the fire-resistant sheet iron design pairs style and safety. Find a few long sticks and you can treat yourself to toasted marshmallows – if the kids don’t eat them all first!



Embossed with a stylish pattern on sheet iron with a sleek black finish, the Lynton Fire Pit provides a pretty focal point for entertaining outside. Heat resistance and 50x32cm in dimensions, it’s ideal for courtyards and patios of all sizes. Pull up a few wicker chairs and bask in the warmth of this toasty accessory.



Made from clayfibre and sheet metal, the stylish design of the Dakota Fire Pit is brimming with contemporary chic. Elegant at 83cm tall with a built-in log holder on the lower level, this self-contained option is ideal for smaller areas and will add plenty of sizzle to your Saturday nights beneath the stars with friends.


Once you pick the perfect fire pit, don’t forget to accessorise! Our log holders provide a practical solution to storing your wood stylishly. The Lynton Embossed Log Holder shares the embossed design of the Lynton Fire Pit, while the Kingston Log Holder flaunts sleek minimalism.

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