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Three Birds’ Christmas Guest House


The Three Birds sweet retreat

If there’s anyone who can see the potential to transform a backyard barn into a luxurious guest cottage, it’s Bonnie, Lana and Erin of Three Birds Renovations. Masters in the art of renovating Australian homes into contemporary havens, their recent Christmas guest house project was no exception. Taking inspiration from this stunning beachy-chic barn revamp, we’ve got some tips on creating your own luxury guest house.

Christmas Guest House with the Slouch

Reno your bungalow

If you’ve ever considered renovating your own barn, bungalow or pool house, now could be the perfect time — particularly if you’re accommodating in-laws or adult kids over the festive season. Not only will it add equity to your home, after your guests have left, you could list it on the holiday-rental market to earn a side income.

Three Birds Beach House exterior

Petite retreat

When it comes to accommodating guests, having a detached space certainly offers next-level luxe and privacy. But your guest cottage doesn’t have to be huge. If it’s big enough for a bed, TV, mini-fridge and has bathroom facilities, your guests will be comfortable. You could even look at transforming a lower-level rumpus room into guest quarters. If you plan on renting it out, just make sure it has a separate entry and can be closed off from the main house. (Note: If you want to make any modifications, such as installing an ensuite or extra room, you will of course need council-approved permits.)

“When all the festivities are over, we’ve found the perfect bed to retire to. How gorgeous is this four-poster bed from Early Settler? You’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas in no time.”

Three Birds Renovations

Bedded bliss

The cornerstone of every guest cottage, rather than put gran and gramps (or paying guests!) on a pull-out sofa or your old bed base, getting a quality bedroom suite that will last for years is certainly a worthwhile investment. If your guest cottage has to potential to be a couples’ weekender, definitely think romantic. The Hampton bed made up with crisp white bedding piled with soft cushions behind sheer linen canopy curtains is oh-so-alluring. Stock the wardrobe with extra sheets, pillows and blankets in case your guests need them and roll up a few fluffy bath towels to place at the end of the bed so they’re easy to spot for guests who want to freshen up immediately upon arrival. You’ll quickly make your money back over Yelp reviews and Instagram hashtags.

Divine dining

If space permits, give your guests a dining table and sofa. This obviously won’t be an option in smaller bungalows, but if there’s room, it certainly takes comfort to the next level, particularly if there is also a mini-fridge, microwave or little cooktop. Guests will have the option of making themselves a hot breakfast without having to come into the main house or head out to an expensive cafe. And given that getaways are all about decompressing over books, movies or afternoon naps, a nice cushy sofa is also a treat for larger guest cottages.

Christmas Guest House

“Outdoor furniture is really hard to find. Few companies do it well, but on that does is Early Settler – they have some cool stuff.”

Three Birds Renovations

Patio paradise

If possible, create an outdoor space for your guests to relax and enjoy the warm weather. It doesn’t have to be more than a little patio or balcony, but having access to a private outdoor area is such a lovely bonus. Set up a sumptuous outdoor sofa piled with pillows and a couple of throws for chilly nights. You could even spoil your guests with a dip platter, some chilled champagne ready to pop or a wrapped Christmas gift for them to discover!

Christmas Guest House

Shop the look

Browse these items and so much more online or visit us in-store. Check out more of Three Birds Renovations’ barn and get some tips of creating a beachy vibe.

All images courtesy of Three Birds | threebirdsrenovations.com


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    love the look. where can I find the white chandliers on top of the dining table


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