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Beach House Barn by Three Birds Renovations


Get the beach house vibe

The beach house dream conjures images of balmy ocean breezes, afternoon snoozes to the crash of the surf and sunset cocktails on the patio, as we yearn for our next vacation. Yet you don’t need to wait for that precious annual leave to roll around before you can relish the soothing feels of beach house ambience you can create a coastal vibe to enjoy in your own home or weekender, even if you’re not beachside. We’ve got some stunning inspiration from Three Birds Renovations’ recent barn conversion to fuel some interior-decorating ideas that will invite year-round relaxation (even if the crashing surf is coming from your Spotify account!).



Paint everything white to amplify the space and light. You could even introduce a nautical theme with seashells, a beaded chandelier or faux coral.

Three Birds Beach House exterior

Neutral tones & textures

Create a soft layered look with throws and cushions in eclectic neutral tones on the sofa and bed. Add some wicker, rattan or sisal. These natural or natural-look materials inspire an instant coastal feel. A fusion of cushion and rug textures also adds interest, character and cush factor.

Three Birds Beach House Byron

Natural timbers

Get some bamboo and mango wood furniture for a little touch of the tropics to make the space feel beachy. A hanging basket chair or hammock are also divine and beg for sneaky afternoon siestas.


Fluttering linens

Hang light and airy linens in shades of cream, ivory or beige, such as a canopy off a Hampton bed or soft fluttering curtains off the windows.

The Three Birds' beach house

Tropical touches

Scatter some tropical cushions. They work superbly against timber furniture and bring the vacation vibe into a space so effortlessly. Add lots of greenery to bolster the theme with potted or hanging plants.

Three Birds Beach House with the sanctuary

Contempo edge

For beach-house ambience with a modern touch, add a few statement pieces of furniture. The stylish angles of the Olten offer a contemporary edge.

Three Birds Beach House with desk

Add anchors

Anchor the space with ‘heavy’ looking elements, such as some glints of metallics or faux concrete side tables. These more masculine touches help to balance the ying and yang so your light coastal home doesn’t look like it’s about to float away.


Rustic dining

A big rustic dining table paired with wicker chairs and linen-look cushions really capture the beach aesthetic. They also allow for laidback brunches and lingering dinners.

Three Birds Beach House with dining

Super soft sofa

Slipcover furniture is a beach house staple. Its relaxed look invites curling up with a book or an afternoon G&T. Select a neutral shade, such as soft grey or beige, and top it up with lots of plush cushions. It’s also super practical, as the covers can be removed and dry-cleaned at the end of the summer to wash away the salt, sand and sunscreen.

The Three Birds Beach House Slouch

Outdoor oasis

Perhaps most importantly, create an outdoor oasis. If layout permits, let the deck or patio spill off the internal living space and set out an outdoor living room with an alfresco sofa, all-weather-wicker armchairs, cushions and a couple of side tables to rest the champagne glasses!

Three Birds Beach House with alfresco

Shop the look

Browse these items and so much more online or visit us in-store. And to see more of Three Birds Renovations’ beachy barn, check out our Christmas guest house blog.

All images courtesy of Three Birds | threebirdsrenovations.com

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    Amazing as usual The ladies with the wow factor.


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