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Create a Suave Gentleman’s Retreat



Whether a suave gentleman’s retreat or luxury bachelor pad, creating an elegant masculine interior is a balancing act of function and form. Defined by strong natural materials, well-selected anchor pieces, uncomplicated lines and comfortable dark colours, a successful execution of elements can create a sophisticated lad’s lair that everyone will lust after.

Key elements

1  Clean and uncomplicated lines
Bold anchor pieces of furniture
3  Strong natural materials
4  Comfortable dark colours
5  Balance of function and form
6  Classic accents, such as heritage, mid-century or Art Deco décor

Suave Gentleman’s Retreat


We love a sophisticated masculine interior… think Don Draper reclining into a soft leather sofa with some moody jazz and a very dry martini. You know this dude… you are this dude… he knows how to fill out an Armani suit. He carries a leather shoulder briefcase and owns a cocktail shaker.

This dude doesn’t want to be bogged down by unnecessary disorder. So, step one to creating your suave gentleman’s retreat is to clear the clutter. Your new life as a debonair dude has no room for broken Xbox controllers and a full dirty-laundry basket.

Suave gentleman's retreat leather sofa


Think big when it comes to a few anchoring pieces of furniture, like a sizeable sofa, statement entertainment unit or sideboard to really moor your spaces. Consider a mid-century or Art Deco-style sideboard or TV unit that draws the eye (let’s not be ashamed of the size of our televisions in a suave gentleman’s retreat). A few well-selected pieces of quality furniture will help to define your rooms and set a tone of quality and sophistication.


A classic chesterfield or leather sofa screams gentleman’s retreat. Leather is super strapping, easy to clean and pretty darn swanky. Velvet or linen also make a sexy statement and can be a little more relaxed when you want to Netflix and chill.

Dignified dining

While we’re at it, let’s just say: a dignified dude has moved beyond lap-lasagne on the couch. Now’s the time to invest in a dope dining table to start hosting friends and flaunting your MasterChef skills. Don’t forget the cocktail station! You could install a built-in bar or simply splash out on a drinks trolly — keep it fully stocked with spirits, wines and cocktail glasses, from shot to champagne.


A 21st-century Renaissance man is all about using his smarts and skills to rake in the pineapples. Parade your professional accomplishments (or those yet to come) with a dedicated workspace complete with a big desk, multitiered bookshelf packed full of books and plenty of room for your framed accolades to be hung on the wall. Move the Jack Daniels posters to the mancave — your home office should ooze class. Select a moody shade of paint with hints of heritage chic, like forest-green, deep maroon or spruce.

Suave gentleman's retreat study


When it comes to the bedroom, it’s worth investing in the most comfortable mattress known to man. Add an unforgettable bedhead, like a Royce or something beautifully upholstered. Things should always be uncomplicated in the bedroom, so stick with soothing, neutral shades in beige, white or grey. Keep the décor minimal but don’t scrimp on essentials, like a sumptuous rug, plush throw blanket, monochromatic framed print and ambient table lamps on elegant bedside tables.

Avoid having a television in your room as it can interfere with sleep. The bedroom’s also not the place for a bicycle, skateboard and surfboard, either… unless you’re literally a 15-year-old boy. Finally, never, ever neglect to change your sheets. Crisp white linens with a high thread count are timeless and absolutely luscious.


Whether helping your boyfriend or empty-nesting son get a suave and stylish look in his home, updating your own space or making a divine den for dad, we’ve got plenty of decorating essentials in-store and online for creating your suave gentleman’s retreat. And don’t miss our guide to achieving the luxurious Rococo style.


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