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The Perfect Cocktail Cart for Every Occasion


It’s happy hour!

Dust off your little black dress — the classic 1950s cocktail party is back in style. In the current age of virtual happy hours and digital drinky-poos, we’re seeing the good ol’ fashioned cocktail trolley being wheeled back into our living rooms. Recently, Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash got her hands on our Dominique Drinks Trolley and showed us a trick — this glamorous cart isn’t just for booze! Whether popping the prosecco by the pool or popping popcorn on movie night, Yvette’s styling savvy proves the Dominique is the perfect cocktail cart for every occasion.


Girls’ night in

Let the good times roll. Brimming with retro chic, get ready to impress the girls by wheeling out the Veuve Clicquot on a trolley. So stunning it looks like a piece of jewellery, the two sleek smoky-glass shelves and a hanging glass rack provide plenty of room for the champers and flutes, while the lustrous loop design of the frame finished in glamorous matte-gold looks like 24-karat earrings. Cheers, ladies!

Girls love flowers, chocolates and champagne and it’s a great way to style the bar cart. Start with a beautiful bunch of flowers, some fresh strawberries and a few bottles of sparkling wine to get the girls’ night started. You could even add a few candles and chocolates to add a more feminine touch.
— Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash

Perfect Lazy Sunday movie night


Movie night!

Deck out your Dominique with popcorn, macaroons, lollies and drinks to keep all your goodies in handy reach for your Friday-night Shrek fest with the family. Best of all, once the movie’s over and it’s time for bed, you can roll the cart out of sight so the kids don’t wake up and polish off the leftover gummy bears for breaky!


Gentleman’s Lounge

Whether positioned in the mancave, games room or beside the sofa in the den, a classic cocktail cart is a gentleman’s essential. Stock it with your favourite spirit, a late-night liqueur, some imported beers and fancy tumblers and you’re all ready to get your Mad Men on in style.

Arrange your cart by balancing shapes and colours to bring order to the arrangement. We often find this aesthetically pleasing and that is why it look so good on the cocktail cart. Don’t over style and fill the cart with objects or it will throw the balance off. Keep it uncluttered and simple.
— Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash


Prosecco by the pool

Is there anywhere you’d rather be on a balmy weekend than basking beside the pool? Let long, lazy summer days spill into late afternoon as you wheel out the nibbles on the cocktail cart and pop the prosecco. Dad can fire up the barbecue as the kids make a splash until sunset. At the end of the evening, simply unlock the castor wheels and roll the Dominique back in the house for safekeeping.


Sweet dreams

This piece is so pretty, you’ll want one for every room in the house. Two-tier shelving offers ample room for your bedtime reading, phone-charging station, night creams and essential oil diffuser. Having trouble sleeping? Don’t miss our 10 tips to a good night’s sleep.

I had so much fun styling with the Dominique Drinks Trolley. My favourite features are that it is small enough to fit into any space, yet also — being on wheels — it’s easy to move around. The gold features add a touch of glam and, although compact, there is plenty of space to fit your drinks and snacks.
— Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash

More in-store

Visit us online or in-store to check out the Dominique Drinks Trolley — and don’t miss it on The Bachelor! To learn now to style the perfect shelf, check out Hayley Little’s guide.


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  1. K. George 25th January 2023

    Tying to buy a drinks trolley from Early Settler, but its not showing online ! How can I purchase one please. Thankyou.


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