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Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog


Pooch perfection!

In honour of Channel 7’s Pooch Perfect with Rebel Wilson, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our furry friends and their mood-boosting magic. For the animal lovers among us, the joy of having a doggo is pretty obvious. They’re unwaveringly loyal, forever happy to see us and always up for a cuddle. However, studies show that there are also a number of surprising benefits of owning a dog — from lifting anxiety to lowering blood pressure. But it doesn’t stop at canines… kitties are pretty cool too!

(Image of @russellthebrussel in the Luxe dog bed courtesy of Pooch Perfect)

1 Incredible BOND

🐶 Dogs have evolved over thousands of years of domestication to become amazingly attuned with human emotions and behaviours. They can learn more than 1000 words and interpret tone of voice and body language. They seem to be able to look into your eyes and know what you’re thinking and feeling.

🐱 Cats are great bonders too. They love ‘grooming’ their owners by licking them with their sandpaper tongues.

Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog with the pink Luxe

(Image courtesy of @gracepomlife)


🐶 This ability to bond means dogs provide a special kind of companionship, which can ease loneliness and depression. Caring for an animal helps you to feel needed and they reward you 10-fold with face-licks, tail-wags and big goofy smiles every single time you walk through the front door.

🐱 Cats offer companionship by sitting on your lap as you relax on the sofa and ‘kneading’ you with their razor-sharp claws.

3 Up your EXERCISE

🐶 Dog ownership comes with the responsibility of taking them out for a daily walk or run to keep them healthy. Studies show that people who take their pooch out for regular exercise are more likely to meet their own exercise requirements. Exercise helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and increase serotonin (a happy hormone).

🐱 Cats love to exercise… especially at 3am by jumping from the top of the wardrobe onto your sleeping face.


🐶 Your dog can be a great ice-breaker for you when it comes to meeting new friends. People out walking their dogs often stop to chat with others on the beach or in the dog park. Dog owners also connect in puppy school and pet stores. Additionally, having a regular routine and social life are also wonderfully beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

🐱 When you have friends over, cats will identify the person who likes them the least and always sit on their lap.

Mood-Boosting Magic of Dogs with Savona

(Image courtesy of @julesy_sb)


🐶 Dogs have an inbuilt pack mentality and, as you’re their pack, they’ll protect you fiercely. From border collies to beagles, they’ll let you know every time there’s a knock at the door (whether you like it or not!). This can offer a great sense of security, especially for those who live alone and may be fearful of intruders.

🐱 Cats may not alert you in case of an intruder, but they will certainly freak out in the presence of a cucumber.

Surprising benefits of owning a dog with lordfrankie

(Image courtesy of @lordfrankie1)

6 Judge of character

🐶 Dogs are the best judge of character and can sniff out the good eggs from the bad. Studies show that their keen observation skills can pick up on a number of factors that may be oblivious to humans. They’re a good buddy to have around when a new date or salesman knocks at the door!

🐱 Cats go one step beyond… they judge everyone.

Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog


🐶 Another surprising benefit of owning a dog is that they help to reduce anxiety in their human companions. This is because they fulfil the basic human need for touch. Studies show that cuddling and stroking a pet releases oxytocin (another feel-good hormone) that has rapidly soothing effects when you’re stressed or feeling anxious. It also soothes your dog!

🐱 Snap! Same-same for cats. Patting a puddy helps reduce anxiety and releases oxytocin. Go crazy on kitty cuddles. If they try to wriggle away, tell them it’s for their own good. Meeeeow.

Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog with the ascot

8 Awesome assistants

🐶 Therapy dogs have been proven to dramatically improve lives for many, such as those with visual impairments, autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. Expertly trained, they can help guide, soothe and identify a crisis (such as blood sugar levels in a diabetic).

🐱 Cats love to help you out when you’re working on your computer by walking on the keyboard and dnsfcndsiaunerlmfk,ls,cpl,frvf

9 Teach empathy

🐶 Having a family dog is a fantastic way to teach children empathy. Kids learn to identify with their pet’s feelings — such as pulling their tail makes them yelp — and monitor their behaviour accordingly. Additionally, dogs help to teach responsibility. As the kids get bigger, filling food and water bowls can be a great job for them.

🐱 Ditto for cats… good kitty (expecting any empathy in return is another matter).

Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog with Savona dog bed

10 Always feel loved

🐶 From little kids to senior citizens and everyone in between, your dog will love you and always be there to comfort you, in sickness and in health. Even the toughest nuts to crack go to pieces with the love of a good pooch. And, best of all, when you’ve got a dog, you’ve always got someone to come home to.

🐱 Cats will always be there for you, in sickness and in health. Their favourite place to sleep, in fact, is on your head.

READY for a fur baby?

If you’re thinking about introducing a pet into your home, don’t miss our guide to adopting a pooch to make sure you’re fully prepared for their arrival. And browse online to check out our range of pet products to pamper your pooch or kitty cat, from the Luxe to the Savona pet beds.

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