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Which Armchair Pairs With the Slouch?


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Here at Early Settler, we love hearing from you. You’ve asked a number of interior design questions and Donna Gilligan, our National Visual Merchandising Manager, has shared her expertise on these tricky dilemmas below. From weirdly shaped rooms to pairing sofas and chairs, Donna’s got some savvy styling solutions for getting your home looking its best.

Which chair to pair?

“I’m thinking of a 2-seat Slouch sofa in grey. What armchair could go with this?” — @suelee8824

Start by considering your personal requirements when you’re thinking about adding new furniture to a room. Ask yourself, are you looking for a chair that will be super comfortable to sit in every day or an accent piece to make the room pop yet only be sat on occasionally? Do you want to make a bold statement or would you rather it blends in with your existing furnishings?

The Jive occasional chair, for instance, really makes a statement with its jungle and leopard print and it pairs well with the Slouch. The Nelson has a mid-century aesthetic that’s very sophisticated and it’s extremely comfortable. The Axel is pretty, pocket friendly and ideal for occasional extra seating.

Alternatively, as the Slouch is modular, if there’s a chance you may upsize your home in the future, a great option is to consider buying an additional piece. It will give you the versatility of being able to position it where you want or attach it to primary sofa to extend it. It’s also incredibly comfortable.

Problem solved?

We’ve got great solutions for styling your home and outdoor entertaining area in-store and online. And don’t miss our story on harnessing the Hamptons haven look — it’s beachy chic meets timeless sophistication.

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