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House Rules: Zen Tiny House


Sustainable Zen tiny house

The tears flowed freely in the emotional grand final of House Rules as loveable Lionel got a second chance with a spectacular tiny house in this incredible charity renovation. We’ve got some stunning ideas for keeping things stylish, crisp and minimalist in smaller spaces.

House Rules tiny house

Function & Form

Less is more when it comes to furnishing tiny spaces. Select practical pieces that pair function and form. Every item should serve a purpose.

Boden Grey Marle 3 Seater Chaise Sofa | Luna Natural Mango Timber Coffee Table | Samanda Table Lamp

The Zen zone

Japanese Zen works superbly in smaller homes, as it’s all about elevating simplicity to an art form. Use the KonMarie ‘does it spark joy?’ design philosophy.

Diamond Trellis Cream Rug 1.5×2.4m | Ink Black Mango Timber Side Table & Coffee Table


Scandinavian minimalism is also stylish and practical in smaller homes. In fact, Japanese and Scandi work so well together, they’ve become a hybrid style: ‘Japandi’.

Boden Grey Marle 3 Seater Sofa | Cooper Black Side Tables 40cm & 50cm

Go natural

Part of the appeal of tiny house living is minimising your global footprint. As such, natural materials like timber, linen and rattan complement smaller interiors.

Left: Lennox Oak Finish 1.8m Dining Table | Max Grey Marle Dining Chair Right: Lennox Oak Finish 1.5/1.89m Extension Dining Table | Bastion Black Dining Chair

Elegant accessories

Against the sleek and chic backdrop of your minimalist spaces, add warmth and character with beautiful accessories and indoor plants.

Eden Bird of Paradise Potted Plant | Flower Power Cream Plant Pot | Various Homewares


Find out more about the tiny house trend and why so many Aussies are downsizing, and find more inspiration in-store and online.


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