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Style Challenge: Maddi Wright


5 office/study styling tips

We’re oh so excited to announce an Early Settler style challenge! We’ve selected some of our favourite stylists from across the country and challenged them with a room makeover. For our first style challenge, we chose Maddi Wright from House Rules.

Located in balmy Queensland, Maddi Wright (née Maddi Carter), soared into the public eye after competing in Channel 7’s House Rules in 2014. Since then, she’s undertaken a second full renovation with her husband Lloyd Wright in the rainforest hills of Cairns, while also working in radio and raising her two young children.

Maddi was tasked with creating a work-from-home / study space makeover. The rules? It must be ‘fun, functional and comfortable with a splash of colour’, using the Kip Velvet Desk Chair in peacock teal as the hero. “The Kip is stunning and really easy to style,” says Maddi.

The results of Maddi’s makeover are fresh and inspired. She shares her top 5 tips for creating an awesome office space in your own home.

Maddi Wright’s Awesome Office - Kip chair


Keep it simple

Maddi visited her local Early Settler store in Manunda to select all the furniture and homewares she wanted to use in her awesome office makeover — sticking to a set budget, of course. She decided to pair the Kip chair with the Farrow 2 Drawer Writing Desk. Maddi says, when it comes to updating your home office or study, her number one rule is: “Keep it simple! The focus should be on creating a work / study space with no distractions.”

Maddi Wright’s Awesome Office - Doorway To The Sea Glass Framed Print 120x80cm


Create calm

A home office space should be a sanctuary of serenity, free from any stressors and distractions. As such, Maddi says: “Look for pieces that create a calm vibe, like the artwork.” Maddi chose the Doorway To The Sea Glass Framed Print 120x80cm as her visual centrepiece. Set behind glass and a timber frame, this tranquil beach scene creates a calming backdrop to the often busy pace of work and/or study.

Maddi Wright’s Awesome Office - office


Curate the colour

A trick of the trade used by all stylists to tie a room together is to coordinate the colour. “I love the velvet teal tones in the Kip chair,” says Maddi, “so I based everything around that one favourite colour.” Curating your palette doesn’t need to be overdone; rather selecting tones from your favourite piece or within an artwork to subtly match with a cushion or throw can offer a unity that draws the space effortlessly together.

Maddi Wright’s Awesome Office - bookshelf


Pretty yet practical

The primary function of any office is practicality, with plenty of surface space to work, along with storage for books, files and stationery. “Make it functional… a space with purpose,” says Maddi. Choosing a desk with drawers and additional storage solutions, such as a bookcase, will help to keep your workspace organised. Maddi chose the Kashvi Reclaimed Teak Shelving Unit in her office makeoever.

Maddi Wright’s Awesome Office - Sloan armchair


Style that smiles

Along with work and study, the home office is often used as a place for reading, researching and meeting with clients. A stylish armchair, such the Sloan, offers essential extra seating, while Maddi also picked out a selection of uplifting décor to give her home office some pops of playfulness, including the Robbie Rabbit statue. “Fill it with pieces that make you smile,” says Maddi. “Truly enjoy the space you’ve created so it’s an enjoyable place to work or study each day.”

Before & after!


Maddi nailed this challenge with her awesome office makeover! Because it’s a challenge, she’s has passed it on to Deb Saunders from The Block next!

Maddi has tasked Deb with creating a luxurious space ‘that’s warm for winter’ using a mystery item that Maddi has popped in an envelope for her. Just wait until you see Deb’s reveal… it’s jaw-dropping!

Visit us in-store and online at Early Settler to check out the pieces Maddi Wright used in her awesome office makeover.

If you’re looking to update your home, but don’t know where to start, check out our most popular furniture collections.


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