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A Haven in the Heart of Wine Country


Meet the McLeans

Situated in a heritage-rich town in Lower Hunter Valley, Cassie of @meetthemcleans has been transforming her home into a haven in the heart of wine country. A Strata & Community Manager and interior stylist, she has a rare gift for creating inviting interiors that pair well-selected homewares with an elegant colour palette to bring her rooms to life. Having recently undertaken two major renovations in her home, which she shares with her husband Tim, Cassie shares with us her process and inspirations.

Sourcing style

“When starting a new project I always come up with a concept first,” she explains. “Ask yourself, what would you like the final result to look like? Create mood boards, scroll Pinterest and establish your direction. You’ll often be flooded with different ideas and inspiration once the project starts so it’s always good to go back to the drawing board so you don’t become lost or overwhelmed (I’ve been there).”

Earthy & Airy

Describing her style as contemporary Australian with a touch of farmhouse, Cassie deliberately avoids on-trend looks and instead focuses on what appeals to her, drawing inspiration from a range of sources. Currently, her favourite designer is Catherine Heraghty from @the_stables_ and this sophisticated and light-filled aesthetic is ever-present in Cassie’s home. “Catherine’s spaces are always so cohesive with each piece complimenting one another. Her earthy tones and airy spaces really resonate with me and I love applying her principals in my own styling.”

Bathroom bliss

Aspiring to create a home that feels like a vacation from the world, Cassie says she loves coming home to the space she’s curated; knowing she’ll be rewarded by the end result makes all the work involved well worth it. This hard work is certainly apparent in a recent bathroom renovation where she transformed a tired 1980s wet-room into a contemporary sanctuary (with the help of a local contractor, Aqua Bathroom Solutions).

Pictured above: Saboma bath tub and Lorient vanity

Loving life

An ardent traveller with a special love for the Aussie outback and adventure, it’s not surprising that Cassie’s advice to other DIY stylists is to explore and not get caught up in what everyone else is doing. “Style your home how you love it. You’ll naturally gravitate to a particular look or feel in your home whether that’s neutrals or powerful colours. As long as you love your space!”

Quick quiz …

When I was young I wanted to bea marine biologist.
Every home should havepets! We have three dogs and couldn’t imagine life without them 😊
I would describe my style asmodern classic.
Number one tip for  renovators? Ask questions and be patient. If you’ve never renovated before it can be challenging. But it’s definitely worth it.
If in doubtkeep going, you’ve got this!
My favourite room in the house isour bedroom. I love relaxing here with a wine and a book after a big day in the office.

Want more inspo?

If you enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind Cassie’s haven in the heart of wine country, check out more stunning renovation stories here in the blog. We also have a guide to creating your own digital mood board and so much styling inspiration in-store and online.

Images courtesy of @meetthemcleans


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