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Bathroom Updates to Add Equity to Your Home


Clever creature comforts

A big trend over the past couple of years is investing in home updates to make our spaces more comfortable. Beyond a lick of paint and some fresh towels, the bathroom is the one room in the house that often gets put on hold as the costs can add up. To make things a little easier, we’ve outlined 3 essential bathroom updates to add style and equity to your home.


A luxurious soaker tub

If space allows, a deep and deluxe freestanding soaker tub is definitely worth the investment. They’re an essential in households with young children and a divine creature comfort for adults who enjoy a good soak. There’s nothing quite like submerging yourself in a tub of hot, soapy water and losing yourself in a little relaxation… perhaps made all the more perfect with a good book and a glass of wine.

Image courtesy of @our.mountain.life

Selecting your tub

When selecting your tub, consider your space requirements. Take careful measurements, reflecting on the layout of the bathroom and who will be using the bath. Also consider the aesthetic of your bathroom or house as a whole. Square-edged bathrooms have a contemporary look and rounded ends work well on freestanding tubs in the centre of the room, while clawfoot baths are absolutely timeless.

As your bathtub will be all about comfort and relaxation, if possible, lie in it in the store before you buy to see how it feels and ‘fits’.


A statement vanity

Where once bathrooms were completely utilitarian made to be purely functional, waterproof spaces, a shift in contemporary design is prioritising beautiful and personal furnishings and décor to truly create a blissful bathroom escape. Beyond the obvious daily wash, bathrooms have become spaces to relax and unwind. For many (aka parents!), they’re often the only 30-minute escape possible in the day.

Bathroom Updates to Add Equity to Your Home

Selecting your vanity

A statement vanity and basin can form a centrepiece of your bathroom. Your choice in materials and design will play a large part in setting the theme of the room. Marble and granite, for instance, are classic and very high quality. Timber vanities are back in trend for their earthy and rustic chic. Black tapware has a contemporary elegance, while brass is very glamorous.

Consider, too, who’ll be using the space. Plenty of storage will certainly help keep your towels and bathroom products organised, and soft-closing drawers are great in kids’ spaces.

Bathroom Updates to Add Equity to Your Home with the Norris


A glamorous mirror

Whether matching with your vanity or creating a more eclectic look, your choice in mirror will reflect more than your beautiful face every morning. Available in an enormous range of sizes, styles and materials, it can be difficult to decide on the overall look and feel you want to achieve with your mirror.

Bathroom Updates to Add Equity to Your Home with the Milford

Selecting your mirror

In terms of size, the rule of thumb is that the mirror should run the length of the vanity. Where you have a double vanity, you could select one large mirror or two matching mirrors, side by side, positioned over the basins. Make sure it’s hung approximately 30 centimetres above and below the eyeline of the people who’ll be using it.

Many vanities come with matching mirrors in handcrafted and rustic timber, as well as glamorous metallics and sleek frameless. The magic of mirrors is that they’re not only a bathroom essential, they’re also help to reflect the light and create the illusion of more space, which is welcome in any room.

Bathroom Updates to Add Equity to Your Home with the Rosette

More in-store

We’ve got plenty of options to browse both in-store and online for creating your blissful bathroom. For more inspiration, check out classic trends of a timeless bathroom and creating a spa-like bathroom on a budget.


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