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Select the Right Dining Set for Your Space


The heart of the home

The dining table is the heart of the home. It’s where we bond with loved ones over meals, where birthdays are celebrated, board games are played, homework’s tackled and the wine is poured when friends come to visit. A quality piece will last for years and form the backdrop of your memories. Yet, as the most multifunctional piece of furniture in your home, there’s a lot to consider when buying a new dining table and chairs. We’ve got easy tips to help you select the right dining set for your space and lifestyle.

Selecting the Right Dining Set for Your Space with the Ellena

The heart of the home (with the Ellena dining table and Madeline chairs)


Start by taking careful measurements of your dining room or meals area, as you need to know exactly what size table the space will accommodate. You’ll want plenty of room around the table for sliding chairs in and out. Allow 90–120cm between the chairs and walls (or surrounding furniture) so diners can comfortably get in and out of their seats. In open-plan homes, you’ll also need to ensure the walkway isn’t obstructed. Allow at least a metre gap for foot traffic to pass through from the dining room to the living room.


Rectangular and square tables are traditional choices and often work well with the layout of the room to offer a nice sense of symmetry. If your space is tight, they can also be positioned directly against a wall if needs be, and they can be easily added to for big occasions, like Christmas.

Alternatively, circular tables are very practical, especially in smaller spaces, as they allow easy access around them with no sharp corners to bump into. They’re also very on-trend this year! As an added bonus, they allow a wonderfully social dynamic as every diner faces each other equally and there’s no ‘head’ of the table. Add a lazy susan to make it easy to rotate the pasta and wine.

Select the Right Dining Set For Your Space with the River

The River dining table has a chic live edge

The Provincial dining table and Bastion chair combo create the Hamptons / coastal look


For those who love to have a lot of friends around, a large table is ideal. Leave plenty of room around the table so guests have room to circulate. Yet, if you don’t have an expansive dining room, versatility is vital. Extendable tables provide the best of both worlds as they can be spacious when entertaining, yet space-saving on the every day.

The Annalise is an elegant option with a French provincial aesthetic. Contracted, it comfortably seats 4, yet has multiple extension sizes to seat 6, 8 or 10 people as needed.

Select the Right Dining Set For Your Space with the Annalise

The Annalise extends to fit 4, 6, 8 or 10 seats!


Your dining set is a beautiful way to not only create a hub, but also anchor your space and show off your personality. Whether your style is Hamptons, French provincial, mid-century modern, Scandi, beachy boho, industrial, eclectic or contemporary, dining room furniture comes in an extensive range of materials and aesthetics so you’ll find something that works for your home and look.

Timber is timeless, and pedestal, cabriole, turned and trestle legs can lend a country or provincial look to your home that’s brimming with old-world charm. Metal frames, marble, concrete-blend tabletops and ski legs, on the other hand, offer a more contemporary flavour.

Sleek and Scandi Lennox dining table with Max chairs (also comes in an extendable version)

Selecting the Right Dining Set for Your Space with the Matera

The Matera dining table has a contemporary aesthetic with a marble top and ski legs

French provincial Ellena dining table with cabriole legs paired with Madeline chairs

Select the Right Dining Set For Your Space with the Astoria

Hollywood glam Astoria dining table with velvet Luxe chairs


The number of chairs you’ll need will depend on the size of your household. But opt for at least a couple of extra seats, if possible, for when friends pop by. Entertainers, on the other hand, will need to think bigger. If you like to throw dinner parties or big brunches with the gals, 10 chairs may be the way to go! Allow at least 60cm between each diner as standard, but more if you like it roomy.


Chairs come in an exciting array of materials, including timber, fabric, rattan, powder-coated metals, polypropylene and velvet. You don’t need to be restricted by matching chairs to a table you love. We offer mix-and-match options at package prices so you can customise your dining set to your personal requirements. Ultimately, select the look you love.

More in-store

Visit us online or in-store to check out our range. Our friendly staff is always on hand to offer assistance in selecting the right dining set for your space. And don’t miss our guide to styling your shelf like a stylist with Hayley Little.


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