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Classic Trends of a Timeless Bathroom


Keep it classic

You can give your living room and bedroom a whole new look with a lick of paint, new cushions and prints. Yet when it comes to the bathroom, between porcelain tiles, plumbing, toilets and tubs, updating can get expensive. So before you go ordering your chevron flooring and a steampunk tub, it’s worth considering the bathroom trends that have stood the test of time. You don’t want to have to chisel off wall tiles every time Pantone releases the new colour of the year. In order to future-proof your bathroom investment and add significant value to your home, nothing beats the classics.

Classic Trends of a Timeless Bathroom


Clawfoot tubs

Also known as a rolltop, the clawfoot bathtub has truly stood the test of time. Originating in the Victorian era, the vintage charm has remained unwavering throughout the decades. If you prefer a more contemporary feel, select a modern freestanding bathtub instead. After the kids have gone to bed, you can enjoy a pampering soak and cheeky glass of wine!

Timeless Bathroom Trends


White is right

A crisp white palette works particularly well in bathrooms. Like mirrors, it helps magnify the space and light, while feeling crisp and clean. Add colour with towels and luscious indoor plants, or for a monochromatic scheme, use black accessories, like the tapware, black stone features or a black vanity. If you do opt for a darker bathroom, make sure you have plenty of light.

Classic Trends of a Timeless Bathroom


Luscious indoor plants

Well known for their ability to purify air and uplift mood, indoor plants are a classic feature in bathrooms. They add colour, life and an instant spa-like ambience and they also thrive in the generous mist and warmth of wet-room areas. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants add the aesthetic without the upkeep.

Classic Trends of a Timeless Bathroom


Stone vanity

A universal symbol of luxury, the appeal of a marble or granite benchtop is everlasting. Coupled with an elegant vanity cabinet, it’s practically a piece of art, while providing stylish storage for your cosmetics, towels and shaving accessories. Well-positioned mirrors help amplify the space and light. The rule of thumb with mirrors is to run the length of your vanity, or have two positioned over the basins.

Classic Trends of a Timeless Bathroom with Saboma


Ambient lighting

Quality lighting is a must in every bathroom. If the room has direct roof access, a skylight will provide all-day (free!) natural light. Similarly, floor-to-ceiling windows are a wonderful luxury for those on very private properties. But for those of us with limitations, a clever lighting combo of bright LEDs for shaving and makeup with subdued mood lighting or a romantic chandelier for relaxing baths is ideal.

Want more?

Find more tips, trends and inspiration for your timeless bathroom in-store and online. And don’t miss our guide to selecting indoor plants.


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